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Liberty Festivals

Reflecting on the campaign last year, I am still sad that Dr. Paul never made it to my state (Oregon) to give a speech, despite efforts by some college groups to make it happen.

It got me thinking, though -- wouldn't it be great if we could have annual regional Liberty festivals, maybe every summer, bringing in a whole range of top-notch speakers (Dr. Paul, G. Edward Griffen, Tom Woods, Judge Nap, Peter Schiff, Ben Swann, Jon Stossel, Michael Nystrom ;), etc.)? And also bringing in top-notch Liberty-supporting music acts, booths with all kinds of vendors and activists, etc.? Maybe outdoor inflatable screens showing Liberty-oriented documentaries and movies?

Here in the Columbia River Gorge, we have an annual Christian rock festival, called Creation Northwest. Why couldn't there be an annual Liberty Northwest--and Southwest, Northeast, etc.?

Maybe a pie-in-the-sky idea, and I wouldn't know where to begin to make it happen -- but that would make a definite must-attend event for me every summer, if it existed.

I seem to remember there being complaints about the organization and quality of the various festivals in Tampa last year, but I bet if it was more of an annual, regional event all of it's own, rather than a peripheral to a contentious national party convention, it could be more relaxed and successful.

Kind of a random post, I guess, but thought I'd throw it out there.