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Op-Ed: We call for the FBI Director to resign over the Boston bombing

at Digital Journal


As America grapples with the mind-boggling facts emerging from the Boston Marathon bombing, one thing is abundantly clear: the only people who made no excuses, as they did what they were asked to do, were the police.

Facing gunfire and improvised explosive devices, they kept closing on the threats, when every fiber of one's physical being is screaming self-preservation. Every police officer wants to see his kids one more time. Hold his wife's hand in a restaurant one more time. But your job is your job, and there can be no excuses.

You close, and do your job.

The FBI and other agencies are portraying their bungling of repeated Russian warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev as "requests for information." But here are the words from the FBI's own press release, at its own website...READ FULL ARTICLE.. http://digitaljournal.com/print/article/348979

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Breaking, McCaul says suspects may have had foreign help


No duh, with the FBI watching every step of the way.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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Intelligence failure that led

Intelligence failure that led to a terrorist attack on American soil. I know there is a lot of intelligence and it is difficult to determine which is a real threat and which is a red herring, but they are paid to make these very judgements.

Due to the abject failure of his agency to carry out its mandate he should resign.

They didn't have to data mine, or "connect the dots"

The Russians were telling them to their face this guy is bad news. Then they told them more times. They had him in their office. he went to Chechnya as predicted. This is very close to bordering on criminal.

Release the Sandy Hook video.