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Of Plane Crashes and Prominent Freedom Fighters Pushing Back Against the New World Order

Satan just absolutely loves a good plane crash, especially if it takes out a high profile foe. I have often wondered what really happened behind the Soviet shoot-down of Korean Airlines 007 in 1983 which took out Congressman Larry P. McDonald who happened to be an ardent foe of the Federal Reserve Bank and who was making some headway against it. It's interesting to note that the same bankers who funded the Bolshevik Revolution were also shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank. Use a key word search for "Bolshevik" here to check that out:


So was the shoot-down a favor to the bankers? Who knows. We can only speculate.

It seems that even today high profile leaders of the liberty movement against the New World Order are at great risk of of having an airplane "incident". I can't prove any "conspiracy" behind these incidents but I thought I'd document some key occurrences of these and show some videos that show a more personal side of these good men as they are asked about what happened.

I've got to start with Ron Paul:


I remember watching a YouTube video where he was asked about this emergency landing and in his typical mild manner he downplayed the seriousness of the event (for the life of me I was unable to unearth that interview out of the 1,000,000+ videos of Ron Paul on YouTube). Though I wish I could have found that video I'm confident that almost all of you here on the Daily Paul could easily imagine Ron Paul's good natured unruffled manner in which he would discuss that airplane incident.

Then there's Nigel Farage who I consider a counterpart of Ron Paul in Europe who crashed and survived a plane crash in 2010. This is his first interview since that crash:


Here's where Farage excoriated Herman Van Rompuy not too long before the crash:


Here he is again dishing it out as hard as ever this month:


Now on to Joel Skousen who is an amazing individual who is a rising star on the Alex Jones show. He crashed just this last month. With his plane smashed in two and his 2000 lb test seat belt snapped apart here is Joel right on the crash site:


Joel Skousen had an interview with Alex Jones on March 15th just three days after the crash and did not mention a thing about it and Alex Jones had absolutely no idea. However on the next interview (March 25 2013) Alex was on to it and mentioned the crash several times all through the interview and talked about it at length at 44:10 (below). Having been left out of the loop on that Alex wondered if the plane crash was "no big deal" to Joel. Very interesting indeed. Such is the life of a freedom fighter:


If you don't know much about Joel Skousen here are three videos that will give you a good idea of what he's all about: