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Where are all the civil liberties attorneys

Where is the outrage over the police stat in Boston?

Where are all the civil liberties attorneys?

How long before someone brings about a class action suit for the violation of peoples' privacy with all the warrantless searches that took place?

Hello Boston.... Are you there? Anyone awake?

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I'm about done with you.

The lawyer defined the payment for my friends. They would say 'I need this much up front and will take this percentage" and they said "OK." Good enough for you? Or will you find more rude assumptions to post?
Thank you so much for stepping up and being a living example of what asshats attorneys are.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

maybe it was b.o.

Perhaps you had offensive body odor, and he was worried about the office being stank up. Seriously, it isn't like the guy has to take your case. Not even if he likes the merits and you are willing to pay. But I suspect either the case was weak, or the pay inadequate, or the client significantly strange. Those are usually the reasons a lawyer rejects a case. Hey, I know, call Orly!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Bye bye

Deliberately obnoxious gets you on my block list. Congrats! I never even talked to the attorneys, my friends did. And of course, if the cops did an illegal raid and injured them and violated their home, it was probably due to BO.
You worry about me giving "the liberty movement " a bad name, but you are a walking billboard for exactly what attorneys are.
I do not have time for people like you. Rant on without me, I can't see you any more.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

You don't get the last word

...not just because you put me on mute. It is too easy and tempting to refute what you just said.

Okay, first of all - it might not have been your body odor, it could have been your friend's.

And I am half - kidding. I don't really think he stinks to high heaven, but on the other hand, who is to say why any given attorney didn't take a case.

Chances are - your friend's case was not so wonderous as you think it might be. Or profitable, or meritorious. Otherwise, out of seven lawyers, someone would take it, or at least refer him to someone else that would take it.

In the legal field (and I suspect many others) people never seem to want legal advice. The correct approach isn't to go to a lawyer and say "My case is wonderful whether you agree with that or not. Take it or I'll walk around defaming you and claiming you care only about money and have 6 Jaguars." The correct approach is to go see the lawyer, say "here is what happened to me - do I have a case, and would you or someone you know be interested in it?" And be open to hearing things you might not expect to hear - perhaps even some good, but maybe some bad.

In the Patriot movement there is a tendency for people to go to a lawyer and expect him to buy into all of their fantasies about the legal system. Not only does he not have to do that, but he has a professional obligation to save these people from themselves. Oftentimes the law is adverse and unless one is willing to fund years of litigation, even appeals and perhaps Certiorari, there is simply no chance of a good result (and even then it is a small percentage). If the person is wealthy or the client is some legal change foundation, maybe that's appropriate. If it is a homeowner who has no retirement savings, only 3 or4 Jaguars (I kid!) and no other assets, maybe leading someone down that path is cruel.

I am giving you and your friend the benefit of the doubt here, as things are likely far worse if, as was represented, seven lawyers actually "dropped" him. That means that they thought the case had merit, but could not work with him. Typically that means the client is insane or dishonest. That is the only way someone actually hires seven lawyers and gets dropped by seven lawyers for the same case. And that speaks volumes to anyone in the legal profession.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Gives the Liberty Movement a Bad Name

So we have here a couple of posters who think their friend had a "case" of some sort, who had his "rights" infringed upon. They haven't said how. But whatever it was was absolutely terrible and in their mind a lawyer should just drop everything to help them. Well, it turns out that they were obviously exaggerating. No, they hadn't been "dropped" by seven lawyers - and if that did happen it means the friend was a serious fruitcake. Now that that has been pointed out to them, they run back to their game boys and basements, and in Fishy's case, to troll the net for flimsy conspiracy theories. It kind of makes you wonder if their friend really suffered any injustice, or was just caterwalling over nothing.

And as if that isn't enough, they start off with the very false assumption that all attorneys are incredibly wealthy. I can assure you one thing. If an attorney gave your friend the time of day, he isn't wealthy. Not at all. Wealth doesn't spend time on potential trivialities. And if you had gone six figures in debt, and instead of getting a house for it, you just get the chance to represent fools like these, you would probably not find the stuff about multiple jaguars, aircraft carriers, jets, too accurate. It is like a schoolkid's fantasy. And probably was just that. But dare make a joke about "b.o." and wow, that is just so offensive to them. They want to call everyone else everything in the book, but that can't take it. So off they run. Back to the basement.

You know what, the owner of this board was saying at one time he contemplated shutting it down. I am starting to contemplate whether the liberty movement has been so co-opted by fruits and nuts that I want nothing to do with this childishness. Other than having some fun occasionally, making them respond to posts about my helicopter running on blood, it is just too frivolous and stupid to spend time on. Most of these people aren't fighting injustice, they're just fighting to hear themselves talk.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

It Is Not Always The Fault of The Attorneys

In order or to "practice" in front of the black robed high priest, they must follow the rules of their monopoly. It does not matter how well intentioned they might be.

Gene Louis
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