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"Tamerlan Tsarnaev radicalised himself...through the internet"

This article is full of massive propaganda. Lone wolf, homegrown terrorists, mastermind, rabbit hole, conspiracy theory, brainwashed etc. Also, I thought the msm said the little brother told "officials" that he and his brother "planned" an attack in NYC? Well, if thats the case, what does this quote mean?

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"According to accounts of the surviving brother's responses to questioning, he has insisted that they acted alone and that he knew of no other plots or undetonated bombs."

Other excerpts from the article:

The 26-year-old, who has been identified through fingerprinting as the man killed in the shootout with police in the Watertown suburb of Boston, is widely assumed to have been the mastermind of the marathon outrage, with his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly playing the role of junior partner.

Federal investigators and counter-terrorism experts are increasingly of the view that the brothers were acting alone. The surmise is that the elder Tsarnaev largely provided his own motivation and training, through the internet.

Two US officials involved in interrogations of the suspect told the Associated Press that preliminary evidence was that there were no ties to any Islamist terrorist group." Sageman said that contrary to the popular perception that most terror attacks are orchestrated and organised, in fact the lone wolf attacker is the contemporary norm:

The huge majority – 90% – of plots in the west since the 1990s have come from people who decide to do it on their own and who don't have links with the outside.

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What a fraud

Tamerlan was recruited and radicalized though locals in Cambridge. Authorities are ret-conning the 'facts' to match the new narrative since their leads have gone cold and they want to save face. Statements and actions from the government have been Orwellian from the start and continue to get more bizarre.

There's no way I believe that Tamerlan's IED training back in the motherland was serendipity, that he flew to the Russian Federation and was lucky enough to bump into a terrorist cell, and that there's no connection between those who trained him and other radicals in the US including in Cambridge, Mass.

I think the odds are zero that this was just these two brothers, that there aren't a bunch who have simply dodged the incompetent cops the way Djokhar dodged the infamous 3,000 cop Watertown dragnet.

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Wow I didn't know the suspects told their mom about 9/11

and the cover up.

nor did I know that using a hijab amount to radicalization according to the guardian.

I highly doubt if those kids believed in blowback that they would be so naive to seek vengeance the way they allegedly did.

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Now there's a war on the Internet, back packs, ammunition (gun powder), bullets, pressure cookers, ball-bearings, and sharp objects (nails).

It's so predictably obvious now. Totalitarianism is approaching like a freight train.

Just like

the people who blame violence on video games, suicides on music, and murder on inanimate objects. Not the least bit surprising.

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MSM Garbage.

It's more likely he was radicalized by promises of money, power or fame.

But these things are antithetical to Islam.

Consider the source, a proven purveyor of the finest conspiracy theories. But when you are number two you try harder.

Someone take out the trash.

PS I am not fussing about this post, just the morons at the Guardian.

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It couldn't possibly be the occupations in the ME and the democracy forced upon people who don't want it, that's creating hatred for our gov, its gotta be the Internet.....

He was likely working for our government as a patsy.

Who knows what power, fame or money they used as a carrot. He didn't know that he was expendable, that part is kept secret.

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This would have never happened...

if CISPA was in place. Where's that ban on conspiracy theorizing, too? We can't have all these people becoming radicalized!

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