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George W. Bush on Boston: "...concerned this could have been another conspi... errr... highly organized plot..."

Wow. Watch Laura's eyes when the slip up happens. Priceless...


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The more I know,

the more I think GB was not one of the plotters of 911. Cheney, Rumsfield, and the neocons - yes, but I think GB was purposely scheduled to read goat books in a far off place for a reason.

This slip would confirm that.

I agree

I'll also add this:

IMO, this is the most honest and genuine GB I have ever seen. His "deep concerns" that this was another "highly organized" plot, seem authentic to me. I'm no expert on reading people, but the statement (slip-up included) seemed genuine.

My feelings about GB have changed slightly. I still won't forgive him from his war crimes, but he seems slightly more human to me after this, lol.

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He looks terrible. He is

He looks terrible. He is probably drinking heavily because he cannot live with himself, and maybe he will come clean soon so he can forgive himself.

Even though these war criminals act normal in interviews there is no doubt that they are unable to go in public without high level a body guard presence. That must suck. I hope it really sucks.

Haha I love you guys here, I

Haha I love you guys here, I saw that about a week ago and said to myself "hmmm, should I post this on the DP?", then I thought "Nahh, someone is already on it"