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Optimism for youth on the Daily Paul

This week there were two posts with very high "up votes" on the Daily Paul that involved refreshing stories about youth in schools. One story was about a teacher prompting students to question mainstream media reports. The other was about a student standing up to protect her constitutional rights even with no peer support.

Many comments were praising the folks involved in these posts and rightfully so. I would like to give the Daily Paul community kudos as well for their positive votes and reactions. We often get pulled into the negative state of things and ignore small steps in the right direction. With the recent victories on gun control and CISPA this has beeen a good week.

One other nugget of good news for youth this week is that "Meet Ron Paul" the biography of Ron Paul for kids was the #2 Best Selling book for our publisher in March. Not too bad for a children's book that was published on March 7th. While this is good news for the project it is also great news for parents and teachers who wish to help youth learn about liberty. If you would like to get a copy for your kids or students you can visit HTTP://www.MeetRonPaul.com. It is also available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble's web pages.

There is good news out there. Keep fighting.

Mat Blankenship

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