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Naked man arrested was not Tamerlan

This is an attempt to end the claims that it was Tamerlan who was the naked man that was arrested, as I have seen some people hanging onto that claim.
This is Tamerlan alive and dead

This is the naked man arrested
video on this link and the still of the video has good image of naked man

The naked man arrested has no chest hair, Tamerlan clearly has chest hair. Unless he can grow chest hair in hours, it is not Tamerlan as the police and media have stated.

For those that are suspicious of the coincidence of someone being arrested that night that looks alot like Tamerlan. Did you ever think that might very well be why he was stopped and/or arrested? Because he matched the description of one of the suspects. Maybe he was speeding or ran a stop sign or whatever and was pulled over, and since he matched the description of a suspect they went balls out on him. The video with the interview said the FBI took him out of the cop car and took a picture of his face, then put him back in the car. Thats when they were probably running a check to see if he was the suspect they were looking for, with that picture. That also gives reason to not want to give his name, as many in the media and internet have labeled him a suspect, and the last innocent guy that was a suspect killed himself.

Besides that the naked guy willingly cooperates with police to the point of stripping naked. And how did he end up in a shootout with his brother later that night? There were two people in the shootout and people saw someone get ran over. Also he had a shit ton of bullets in him they said, he was obviously in the shootout. That scenario doesn't add up anyway you look at it.

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the morgue pics looks a bit photoshoppy for my liking

wouldnt surprise me if it gets debunked as a head/body cut & paste. Not saying that Tamerlan is still alive or anything- just saying that I have a sneaking suspicion that someone fabricated the morgue photo because...well.. everyone likes a good morgue photo. Then again, I havent read anywhere that the morgue is denying its authenticity.

Who is that naked man?

I've been wondering if the BOYS in the LAB had accidently killed the naked man, believing him to be the one they were looking for.
Who is the naked man? Inquiring minds want to know.
What has become of him?
Did he get "beamed up" to GITMO on Lindsey Graham's orders?

Quit worring about chest hair

Quit worring about chest hair and get me the name of the guy they arrested.

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actually, the dead guy is not Tamerlan

not sure about the naked guy, but the aunt's identification sounds pretty solid.

Looking closely of the ear of the corpse, you can see it is not the same ear as any known photos of Tamerlan.

The corpse ear makes a "C" in the photo, the valley curves noticibly inward.

Tamerlan's ear, on the other hand, the valley of it runs into the lobe in every photo. It runs downward, and never curves in.

I think dead guy looks like Nicholas Cage

Lol, maybe it's a leftover dummy from a movie set warehouse.


We did this in another thread... You asked why I posted a low-res image. It was the one available.


Your repsonse: "Though I'm surprised at your ear selection. I would have used Any of the other photos on that same pg that was higher resolution, not a blurred action shot and more closely matched the angle. But to each their own."


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right /there is a hi-res photo and somebody did an animated gif

in spite of my hesitation - i can see now the ear is clearly not the same.

it is not tamerlan. it is not his ear. not even close.


the corpse is not the older brother.. body shape and muscle mass are not even close.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

It's funny how information

It's funny how information works here. If you post any evidence in support of a conspiracy theory, no matter what it is or how legit it is, you will get pats on the back and up votes. But if you post evidence that contradicts any conspiracy theory, no matter what it is or how legit it is, you get called a gullible sucker falling for government lies and downvotes.

Myself I just want to the know the truth whether it supports what the official story is or not.

Question is about full disclosure

We, as citizens and the employers of government, have not received full disclosure. There is no investigator, no lawyer who would not say there are holes in this story or that information is either being withheld and/or omitted.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

It is information. It is an

It is information. It is an observation. I believe it to be evidence. I too was just looking to find out who the naked man arrested was. I believe in doing that I found a key difference that rules out it being Tamerlan, no chest hair. I still don't know WHO it was, but I will keep looking and I do believe it will eventually be revealed.

But aside from that, why downvote information? Someone's honest observation that is factual by the evidence presented to support it? If you disagree then disagree and state your case, I don't see why there's a need for negativity and downvotes. If I would have spotted a tattoo or something that Tamerlan has on the naked guy I would have started a thread and pointed that out too. It's not that I care about downvotes, I don't, I just think people need to take information for what it is whether it supports your prejudgments or not.

Full Disclosure - I Never Downvote

I respect free speech and discourse. The only time I down-vote is when someone crosses the line and posts a personal attack on another. Otherwise, I believe we all have a right to a voice and to share opinions as well as benefit from a variety of perspectives.

My criticism: your focus is narrow, you rely solely on your instincts. Neither you, nor I nor anyone else on this post has all the facts. The reason is we, the public, have not been presented with the full picture. These videos raise enough questions to generate healthy skepticism.

Ask one question (IMO): who is the naked man? It is a simple question that is not being answered.


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

You are sincerely confused, sir.

Look here at your own remarks when I posted this evidence in an opposing manner.

mrbengal - They need to come out and say who it was and not just go silent on this. By doing that they are inviting the speculation. Maybe they have already and I just haven't found it but they sure aren't making it easy to find if that is the case.

Also you had said,

"Before coming to any conclusions, I need more evidence."

So, with equal or less evidence than before, you are now certain you know nothing about what you know! fantastic.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

So since I made that

So since I made that statement, which I still agree with, I can't do further research and make observations? I think it is you that is confused. I would like to know who the naked man was, them not saying is obviously inviting speculation. I don't know why they haven't identified him and I think with as many people investigating it as there surely is, it will eventually be known.

"So, with equal or less evidence than before, you are now certain you know nothing about what you know! fantastic."

So in researching it last night I found someone who pointed out the naked man arrested has no chest hair and Tamerlan does, as you can see in his corpse photo. Other differences were pointed out as well but none that I think most on this site would agree to. I am not saying I know who the naked man is, I still want to know and will continue to be looking, but as I have stated I believe I found a key difference in the naked man and Tamerlan. I didn't have that evidence when I made that statement so you can shove your smart remarks up your ass.

This cannot be posted enough...


So where/who IS the naked guy then??

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Exactly - Arrest Procedure


Once you are arrested, you will be booked. During the booking procedure the police will ask you for basic information about yourself (such as your address and birthdate), and fingerprint and photograph you. You may also be asked to participate in a line-up.

If you are detained but not booked within a reasonable period of time (usually several hours, or overnight) your attorney may go to a judge and obtain a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas corpus is an order issued by the court instructing the police to bring you before the court so that a judge may decide if you are being lawfully held.

So - even if you are arrested and then later released there will be a detailed record of arrest. WHO DID THEY DETAIN? Let's find out. Why is it a mystery ?????

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo



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Night shooting

Difficult to tell. However one technical aspect needs to be taken into account: when shooting at night video recording equipment ordinarily uses High ISO sensitivity, which basically allows to make photos and to record videos in the dark.

This however comes at cost of additional "noise" which are seen as random pixels of random colors.

To compensate that video hardware removes the effects of high iso sensitivity at the cost of sharpness, by using algorithms and blurring the picture.

Thus, there is a probability (but not a guarantee) that there was hair on the chest, but due to night shooting intricacies it is not visible.

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These guys really are some hairy chested mofo's, you just can't tell.

Just kidding.

But no I don't buy that argument. I find it funny though that you say:
"Thus, there is a probability (but not a guarantee) that there was hair on the chest"
Because that statement totally exposes your bias. An unbiased observation from the argument you presented, would be that it is inconclusive as to whether he has chest hair or not, from the video or stills of it. But you instead stated it was a "probability" that he had chest hair, which is an impossible conclusion to deduce from the evidence available.

I agree with you that it is

I agree with you that it is not possible to conclude whether there was hair on the chest or no.

I had no intention of being biased or so.

It would probably make sense to have experiment to just to see how chest hair is visible in low light videos.

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Where is the naked man?

Simple... if it was not Tamerlan, then where is he and who is he?

Watertown Police and the FBI have not presented a name. The naked man has not come forward. There have been requests including requests from Business Insider.

Watertown Police will only state that "it was not Tamerlan Tsarsaev" but then do not follow up to present the identity of the man taken into custody. It is a simple procedure.


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I'm with you

I really need to see him again, and know who he is.

His identity seems clouded in mystery. I am willing to accept that it is NOT the older brother, but in order to do so, I would like to see him again, somewhere.

If he was the brother, many people might think the nudity thing is reasonable, but, if he's not, is it still reasonable? To strip a man nude who's only crime was "wrong place, wrong time"?

To feel any satisfaction though, I really want to see a MASSIVE law suit. The police in Boston are going to get away with stripping a man nude in the street as a reasonable thing to do.

That is the one salient fact that seems overlooked. His identity is important, but his nudity is more important for EVERY american.

Just open the box and see

robot999's picture


you didn't consider that many (many) men their age - especially the athletic type - shave their chest hair? Geeze. Your post proves nothing, if anything it caused me to look again, and I would say that the faces look nearly identical.

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you didn't see the picture of Tamerlan dead with chest hair that I linked to. Geeze. So I would say that you are admitting that the naked guy has no chest hair, and thus it is not Tamerlan. I mean you can tell the details of his face, and it's obvious you agree he doesn't have chest hair being that you implied he shaved it.

If the naked man WAS Tamerlan...

and his chest hair was shaven, then he grew it back in time for his corpse photo...unless the corpse is not him. I don't think he shaved his chest hair, its hard to tell in the naked photo but it appears to be there.To me, the faces and the physique of both Tamerlan and the naked man look identical, much more so than the face and the physique of Tamerlan and the corpse. Anyway, Tamerlan's aunt identifies him "100%" as the naked man. She should know better than all of us. I believe the naked man WAS Tamerlan, and, when things quieted down, he was handed over to Mossad for his execution. I wouldn't expect the Zionist media to report about that part of the story.

If you watch the whole video you will see.

It is definitely him. The shot you posted is the least similar of all video frames. Also the scantily clad photos were from a few years back and ol' Tamerlan gained some pounds (food stamps most certainly to blame).

Same girly droopy shoulders, calf shape, sideburns, hairline, and head shape can be verified by watching video.

Sorry, too busy to find video.

I disagree

Just look at the still from the video on this link.

Can you not see both of his nipples? I just think if you can see his nipples then you should be able to see chest hair like Tamerlan has.

You don't consider that

You don't consider that shaving is a possibility???

Yes I did. That's why I

Yes I did.

That's why I linked to a picture that shows his dead body with chest hair as well.