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Naked man arrested was not Tamerlan

This is an attempt to end the claims that it was Tamerlan who was the naked man that was arrested, as I have seen some people hanging onto that claim.
This is Tamerlan alive and dead

This is the naked man arrested
video on this link and the still of the video has good image of naked man

The naked man arrested has no chest hair, Tamerlan clearly has chest hair. Unless he can grow chest hair in hours, it is not Tamerlan as the police and media have stated.

For those that are suspicious of the coincidence of someone being arrested that night that looks alot like Tamerlan. Did you ever think that might very well be why he was stopped and/or arrested? Because he matched the description of one of the suspects. Maybe he was speeding or ran a stop sign or whatever and was pulled over, and since he matched the description of a suspect they went balls out on him. The video with the interview said the FBI took him out of the cop car and took a picture of his face, then put him back in the car. Thats when they were probably running a check to see if he was the suspect they were looking for, with that picture. That also gives reason to not want to give his name, as many in the media and internet have labeled him a suspect, and the last innocent guy that was a suspect killed himself.

Besides that the naked guy willingly cooperates with police to the point of stripping naked. And how did he end up in a shootout with his brother later that night? There were two people in the shootout and people saw someone get ran over. Also he had a shit ton of bullets in him they said, he was obviously in the shootout. That scenario doesn't add up anyway you look at it.

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Didn't the mother say it was her son?



Mr.Bengal, On more than one occasion I agreed with your points on other incidents....but this picture is flimsy. It's so low resolution, his chest area does look little darker than his shoulders, the details of chest hair could be easily lost on such low resolution jpeg approximation.

What alarms me this arrest is...what are chances that a person with the same build, age, complexion, hair color, gets arrested in the same incident ?

Make your own judgement.

Make your own judgement. Personally I feel you can watch the video or find any pictures of any quality of the naked man arrested, and determine that he has no chest hair. If you can see his nipples, then you should be able to see his chest hair, if he had any. So if the naked man does not have chest hair, then he can not be Tamerlan.

I don't really get what the working theory is here anyway. So they caught him and then let him go so he could help his brother in a shootout with police? I mean I don't understand how the "it IS Tamerlan" theory works anyway, if you ask me.

And no I don't find it hard to believe an average height, average build, younger dark haired guy was arrested in the same night that Tamerlan was killed. I would bet you can go to any larger city any night, and find at least two young, short dark haired, average build white guys in a holding cell.

You have tried this before...

and this time I call bullsh*t until you can provide a police report identifying the "true" identity of the naked man.

If the Boston police are unable or unwilling to provide a documented explanation and police report, if the person arrested is not willing to come forward to tell how he was mistakenly arrested then there is no proof it was not Tamerlan Tsarsaev.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I've tried what before lol? I

I've tried what before lol?

I mean that's fine if you want to still go on believing it was somehow a barechested Tamerlan. I didn't expect everybody to accept this. Only reasonable people.

Record of arrest

You have posted your argument before. And like before you dispute that it could be Tamerlan but you can't provide an ID on the naked man.

Who was detained? Present that and your have won your argument. If you cannot find a record then it leaves open the possibility that it was Tamerlan. If he was detained what happened and how did he die?

And yes, I agree that is Tamerlan in the morgue. All of the facial features match, including the ear (heard someone disputing that before as well).

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

What about the records

Shouldn't there be arrest records or some type of documentation that would clear up who this is (then all the skeptics could verify it if they chose). Or is there a recording of the radio communication...

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That photo is different from ALL the other photos

showing him with chest hair. You can still see the outline of chest hair going around in a semi circle beneath his collar bone. It's been 'fogged out'.

People are doctoring photos from both sides and it's getting ridiculous.

Having now taken a closer look,

I see what you mean. If you look closely at the larger blurring, of his groin, you can see a *horizontal line* at its base. The same can be seen just below where it looks a bit blurry on his chest. (Enlarged, it becomes even clearer.) There's nothing that linear on the human body. So either parts of his chest have also been "fogged out" for some reason or maybe zooming in that close somehow distorted the image. In any event, that straight line rules out this particular photo to provide an answer.

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If you watch the pixilated video, you can still see it even

better. You can see the hair running up the middle of his torso and the t-shirt like design of hair by the collar bone.

Whatever you have to tell

Whatever you have to tell yourself. Can you provide one of these undoctored photos that do not have the chest hair 'fogged out'?

CNN pixilated the video

Watch the video and you can still see his chest hair.

I have

And I do not see chest hair. Certainly not chest hair like Tamerlan has.
If you want to claim the shadow in the middle of his chest is chest hair, that still doesn't match Tamerlans chest hair.


...his lack of chest hair in the photo can be explained away by the same argument you used to explain away the lack of blood on the brothers sweatshirt.

Submitted by mrbengal on Sat, 04/27/2013 - 12:57.
In the helicopter photo, there is a spotlight on him and his dark blue sweatshirt looks white all except the left arm. So if you can't even see the yellow stripe on his sweatshirt or tell that it is dark blue, how can you expect to be able to see blood?

Could dark chest hairs look white under a spotlight in the same way a dark sweatshirt looks white? :)

Only there isn't a spotlight

Only there isn't a spotlight on him and you can see his nipples.

But yeah if you don't want to accept it as the truth I'm sure you can find a way to keep believing it was Tamerlan.

That's funny that someone

That's funny that someone downvoted this.


Look at his HAIRLINE---it is IDENTICAL

The physique is INDENTICAL! The nose is IDENTICAL. A friend of mine said that the photograph at night was sketchy, grainy, and hence, might not have shown the "detail" of chest hair. That is the only thing not quite right, but his explanation is good enough for me!

His mother identified him. His Aunt had no doubts, yet you want to cast doubt on the video and photo of Tamerlan, even though what are the "odds" that it would be someone else and the "same time".

Give me a break for having a BRAIN!

Everything else is Tamerlan, and he was murdered, there is no doubt about it, by an FBI agent, or orders were given to run him down, as witnessed first hand by a witness, then, shot to death. Btw, when rigamortus sets in, the muscle tones, etc. diminish.