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Imagine a world without balloons

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Either an idiot or he has

Either an idiot or he has just had enough of the system so he sarcastic as hell with everything he says.

And thanks for that Guam sinking clip, I had forgotten about it until now. The most disturbing thing about the clip is not that he thinks it will tip but that the General or whoever he is talking to doesn't dispute that an island could tip. He just states that by adding 25k to the 75k people there it should not cause a problem.
I would love to see the risk assessment matrix on an island tipping by adding more people.

at first---- i thought he was an idiot

but if you listen to him ,,,, he's amazing in his use of sarcasm

now the guam video,,,, he sounded serious---- like he really thought it would tip

granted i don't agree with him in mindset,,,,, but his cleverness to go on for 10 minutes in biting ,,, dry sarcasm is awesome

i almost wonder how this seemingly dumb man can even pull it off

he's like an evil genius,,,, who doesn't even know what he's capable of, or doing

sort of like forrest gump being funny,,,, but having no clue he's being hilarious

i think

you were right the first time.

This is the same guy who thought