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Ron Paul and Rand Paul confirmed for LPAC 2013 - tickets available

Campaign For Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul are confirmed speakers at this year's Liberty Political Action Conference. LPAC 2013 is being held in Chantilly, Virginia, September 19-22.

C4L has announced that Thursday, September 19, through Saturday, September 21, LPAC will feature leading speakers in our movement discussing the liberty message and the constitutional hot-button issues facing our nation.

Sunday, September 22, is solely dedicated to arming attendees with grassroots political activism training.

For more information:

Early bird discounts are being offered if you book by 6/15. There is also a discounted student rate being offered.

If you are within driving distance, consider going - especially if you have not had a chance to hear the good Doctor speak. A while back, I took a group of friends and family to see Dr. Paul speak in a nearby city and we all had a wonderful time. He is a truly an inspirational speaker.

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better than a vacation

I have not been on a vacation for over a year and would love to use it to see the good doctor and his son. very worthwhile. Hope I can make it happen. I would love to meet like minded people.

Always great to be with the good Dr. This time, though, it's

more important to be there for THIS:

"Sunday, September 22, is solely dedicated to arming attendees with grassroots political activism training."

Thanks for the heads up!

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