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How has the Daily Paul touched you?

Since the last election, I have noticed a couple of threads and comments by The Daily Paul's Founder Michael Nystrom about him tiring of the site, it's maintenance, and questioning his future involvement. Although I have expressed little empathy for much of this reasoning, as seen here:

I also want to ensure I express some encouragement for how the site has impacted me. To share some of the positives and how much fun this site can be.

I found this site when googling Ron Paul in 2007. Ron Paul was a refreshing voice of reason in the debates, and his spat with Rudy... And telling Mitt to read the constitution... Magical. I lurked in the background that election, didn't get off my butt to caucus, and just read the DP without an account.

2011 was different. I came onto the DP and contributed in the conversation. I came here for non biased news you couldn't find on MSNBC nor Fox. I needed a place to vent and to be with like minded peers of liberty. Being blacked out by the media and by the establishment was so frustrating and infuriating.

My favorite moments though we're watching DP members live blog the revolution in real time here on the DailyPaul. We had live streams of conventions. We had video of rally's in parking lots. We had private investigators expose Charlie the cheater! :)

I caucused for the first time in 2012... Helping RP sweep Minnesota. I donated to money bombs. I saw RP when he was in town. I did so because of the Daily Paul community and the energy it provided me.

Oh, and by far the coolest moment for liberty in 2012... I discovered by knowing people in this forum: (see video)

How has the Daily Paul touched you? Share your story or favorite moments!

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Is it sad that my first

Is it sad that my first thought reading this topic is an inappropriate one? I blame society. Oh well. The Daily Paul is great.

There is no place like the Daily Paul!!!

A home of liberty and freedom lovers. You can't find that most places these days. We all need to stick together!!! The daily Paul has been a huge part of my life since 2007 or 08. I have been here mostly every day since. I did have to open another account under this name because I lost account info from previous account. Anyway, this is where FREEDOM LIVES!!!!

My favorite moment on DP

Our first moneybomb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moneybomb

I couldn't sleep it was so exciting.

Looking back, MN was an artist then..

The youtubes of meetup groups putting banners up and painting towns "ron".

Maybe what we need is a "Send M & Mrs N to some spa for a week.. I suggest Harbin Hot Springs and include some massages and dinners.. http://www.harbin.org/features-and-services/introduction/

The Daily Paul means this much to me


And I think it means that much to those who took the time to say so there and who are taking the time to say so here.

Michael Nystrom is special. He allows us to just be who we are and does not force us to fit into his personal world view. He is welcoming and approachable. He is a fabulous host.

Michael, I just had a funny thing go thru my head...you know those people who rescue people from cults and then have to debreif them...or people who are addicted and have to go thru a drying out period and someone has to watch over them and help them...well when I woke up, I was TERRIFIED, LITERALLY. The Daily Paul was my place to gently come back to reality and I had Friends in Liberty to help me thru.

I am indebted. I don't think you can ever really know because my words do not express well enough.


Okay, have I missed

Okay, have I missed something? Has Mr. Nystrom discussed the possibility of shutting down the DP in the near future? There seems to be a lot of discussion about this today...

For context...

Many a times I have said...

How joyous and thankful I am to be here... perhaps though, I never said it any better than in My FIRST post"

The Daily Paul is a website I can't imagine not existing - it's the first place I go in the morning and the last tab to close at night.

I love you all.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

DailyPaul touched my

DailyPaul touched my LapHog.

The suit it still pending.

JK. Love this place.

But now you all know that LapHog is a dirty reference. You're welcome.

Learning a new language lol


Moreover, it has been an interesting ride.

Michael Nystrom is a good man. To bring something like this about and around is sizeable achievement. Ron Paul and people all over should feel very fortunate to have connected with someone like Michael who has most likely invested tons of time and resources.

Michael is a champion imo.


DP was & still is a place where like-minded people

can come to express themselves. It was a unifying thing. Remember Chewee? That was TOO funny during the 2007 election. All the videos, well, we wouldn't have seen them, if it weren't for DP bringing all the BEST there was regarding the campaign together.

The unifying person was, of course, RON PAUL. He was our purpose!

It's just that as we opened our eyes to what this man was saying, well, it all made sense! It just all made sense.

So, my husband & I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you, Michael, for all the hard work and effort you gave. We really loved the software & multi-colored posts. It was fantastic and not seen on other websites. It was great! Anyway, I think it's something you will always be proud of.

And, if you tire and want to move on, well, we wish you the best.

I had to stop coming until I got my blood pressure under control

My circulatory system was molested by a combo of Daily Paul and general politics.

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And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


I thought maybe you were busy with school. I am glad to run across your ID this evening :)

Nice to hear from you to bear...


In all the right places.

Sorry couldn't resist.