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Not willing to compromise...

This morning the wife and I started the conversation again regarding vaccinating our second child in the next 2 weeks. She is currently 7 weeks old. I went quiet. I had already presented a 3 page letter to our pediatrician several months ago as posted here and my wife knows my stance on vaccinations. I told her that this was not a topic I was willing to "compromise" on. I told her that I could not un-learn what I knew and that had I known the same 4 years prior I would've put up the same affront for my son. I basically told her I didn't want any part in the doctor visits and that if she was going to go against my wishes she would have to do it alone. I told her I could not take part in vaccinating our child after knowing what I know.

I presented my side in a way that put the pediatrician under the gun. I asked her, "doesn't it bother you that our own pediatrician could not even disclose properly the manufacturer his office used for vaccines or that he was so unwilling to professionally respond to my letter of concern" (even recommended by the CDC). She didn't say much but about an hour later after doing some searching online she came to me with some very inspiring points. She said she read an article from Infowars.com (but didn't know if she trusted it because of the site/Alex Jones) pertaining to an Oregon family who had their 9 children taken by CPS for not vaccinating them (I'm sure there was more to the story than that, but you get the just). She said she was willing to wait on vaccinations until we could discuss it a little more and she could research it more, but that I had to make the effort to attend the 2 month appt. to tell the pediatrician we are not vaccinating today.

Let me just say a little faith in what is right and moral has blossomed this day within me...by not arguing against vaccinations and instead showing my heart for my children, she must have seen my concern and love for them firstly.

Liberty! Love! PEace!

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Good job

Tell her to Think Twice! Vaccines can cause death http://thinktwice.com/sids.htm.