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The 666 Address "Finish Line," at The Boston Marathon

Can somebody please debunk this before I throw my brand new lamp against the wall in disgust?

There is a lot of crap flying all over the internet, especially about what happened in Boston.

The purpose of this post is to examine the factual truth vs. disinformation and fiction.

A friend of mine told me today that he thinks what happened in Boston was part of some satanic ritual because, "it (the bombing) took place at 666 Boylston Street, across the street from the library."

"Uhhh...yeh bro."

I did my best to contain myself, but I couldn't help it...I went off on him, even called him a, "puss..." because he can't, "recognize the obvious."

I told him that he's getting way too consumed by the internet itself, and we need to hang out more like we used to. We got into an argument, and quickly agreed to drop it because we seriously disagreed.

So when I came home this evening, I decided to actually see if, "666 Boylston Street," even exists because I really want to expose the disinfo and prove to my friend that what he's reading on the internet is a huge giant load of manure.

Using mapquest, and google maps I came up with these links after typing in the 666 Boylston Street address:




The address does actually exist according to Google maps and mapquest.

It is on the right side of the road heading east on Boylston Street. The Boston Public Library is directly behind it.

An explosion was reported at the library on the day of the Boston Marathon, but numerous media reports said it was a fire unrelated to the bombing.

This is a high quality video of the original explosion at the Boston Marathon.


About 18 seconds in the first bomb goes off in front of, "Marathon Sports," which was the first building after the, "Consulate General," building with all of the flags in front of it.

My friend was wrong. The explosion did NOT happen in front of 666 Boylston St.

It happened on the other side of the road, three doors down.

But there's a big, "but."

It actually does look like the, "Finish line," was located exactly at 666 Boylston St. Watch the explosion in the video above again, and then count the buildings after it...1, 2, 3, Finish Line.

Based upon visual evidence from the video above, the Finish Line was drawn between, "Redtree Productions," and, "New England Dental Center LLP," using the Google map link.

Redtree Productions - "Producers of Film - Media"

(That's interesting...)


Address is listed as 661 Boylston St.

New England Dental Denter (across the street)


Address is listed as 665 Boylston St.

Wait a minute here, how can a 661 and 665 address be on opposite sides?

How can a 666 address be next to a 665 address on the same side of the street?

Based upon this information, I think it is safe to say that the bombing did NOT happen at 666 Boylston St.

But....the Finish Line WAS located at that exact physical address.

I hope I am so wrong. I'm so sick and tired of living in the Twilight Zone.

I bet my friend a case of his favorite beer that the bombing did not happen at 666 Boylston St. I won the bet, but I'll feel guilty as hell if I took that case of beer and didn't say anything about what I discovered about the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon.

While my friend was factually incorrect about exactly where the bombing took place, his flying turd of information led me to this place and time because I took the time to research it for myself.

Please tell me I'm wrong, I so hope to God that my friend and I are equally stupid.

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Here's the Street View...


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Why haven't they released Dzhokar's prison mug shot yet?

The released McVeigh's and underwear bomber and shoe bomber and all the other bombers when they go into custody. Is it because his face isn't recognizable from wounds?

It was the week from hell...

Venus (lucifer) in conjunction

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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deception misdirection multiple groups disinformation

... and it was even on the Illuminati card deck
this is in-your-face show of hidden power designed to make you give up

påtriots fight fight fight harder !!!! CHARGE !!!!

did you even try to do street view?


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

ONE out of a thousand three digit numbers is 666 (or more

precisely one out of 999 three digit numbers).

We run into a lot of three digit numbers per day - and one in a thousand makes any number that comes us pretty common. Just like 666 is pretty common. You remember it because you look for it.

No, It's For Real.....

There was a video that used to be on youtube documenting all the giant corps with 666 in the address. To actually see the amount is astonishing!

I don't know one way or another if the one you site is one, but it is very common place.

If anyone knows of the youtube I'm talking about, please post. I'll be looking for it and post if I can find.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

It's a reasonable question,

It's a reasonable question, but where will that get us? It's like fighting a firewall.

Please STOP focusing on individual people!

Focus on the big picture instead.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yeah, I noticed that too ...

... I think 666 is an address that a lot of cities probably avoid. Best I could tell, there is no building that has that address, but if the finish line had its own address, it would be 666 Boylston.

Unless the physical location of the finish line has been moved, the decision to put it in that exact location, rather than 30 feet to one side or the other, had to be made a long time ago.

I like Steven Spielberg staring in the production

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llSXTFcZZP8 And why are their no ambulances it is a usable street after all?