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To Michael - on closing down the DP


Words cannot express how much this site means to me and im sure to many others here as well. With 2016 coming up it will once again be a metropolitan and buzzing with posts all about the election cycle. With this site in place it will help the liberty candidate (probably Rand) significantly to help secure the nomination since we will have a common ground to organize.

With that said, I completely think that you need to move on and do something else since you have reached the end of your rope, however I think very strongly that its critical to keep this site up and running and that its time to pass this site onto someone else who can run it without you having to lift a finger.

The cost of not having this site in place in 2016 may be dire to our chances in the election...

Its fair to you because you can finally move on with your life and its fair to all of us here who have come to depend so strongly on this wonderful home and community. Not only that, but it will greatly improve the chances of the libery candidate in 2016.

I want you to be happy Michael but shutting down the site means only you are happy and all of us will be sad and dissapointed. Why not give the site to someone who you can trust to take care of it? Maybe have a vote to see who would be the new owner that members can elect. It would be the final thing you ever have to do on the DP and then you would always be welcome to stop by and say hello to this wonderful community you created, minus the stress.

No matter what you decide to do, we love you always!

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Quote/link please


There were a lot of beautiful

There were a lot of beautiful comments on this website. some very lucid arguments, that i couldn't in a million years begin to express. I think the website should at least be kept open so we can sift through the archives.

i don't know. it was a great place. i never did go to a meetup group. which sucks. but i'm on my own path, as slightly as my life has improved.


this was probably the best

this was probably the best website for me, because i could be Janus and encourage others to do well and wake people up, while at the same time make fun of their wives who teach public school for a living.

i don't know if it still is, but it was like the 4th most abundant job to do. you can't throw a rock in the suburbs without hitting some middle class home that contains a public school teacher.



it's been fun, Mr. Nystrom.


or maybe it was the most

or maybe it was the most abundant job there is. i can't remember. public school teacher. haha.


Let Ron Paul and Mark Dice

Let Ron Paul and Mark Dice run the website


Mark Dice??? Really??? I

Mark Dice??? Really???

I enjoy Mark sometimes, but he's not very unbiased. I mean, Mark travels the conspiracy, NWO highway and is not likely to run this site unbiasedly.

Yeah, Mark Dice is biased.

Yeah, Mark Dice is biased. Why not let Ron Paul have it?

But Mark Dice is a modern day apostle (in my humiliated opinion) and he does attract more colorful trolls instead of the just plain EVIL trolls that follow Alex Jones about.


OK then, Ron Paul and Adam

OK then, Ron Paul and Adam Koekesh!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Adam would be cool in my

Adam would be cool in my book. I like that guy....

Is Adam Kokesh going to say

Is Adam Kokesh going to say "collectivist" and "statist" a million billion times ?


Why not hand over the website

Why not hand over the website to Ron Paul so he could let Jesse Benton run it and really make some progress?



I have faith

that if Micheal turns this puppy off someone else will start up another site for 2016. Seriously.

well, it was my home for a

well, it was my home for a while.


Yea, I too have been thinking

Yea, I too have been thinking this. Instead of simply shutting this place down, first see if it can be handed off.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

to whom?

The ones that scream the loudest? I'd rather Michael keep it going or just hold on to the name and relaunch later.