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I guess now is a good time to explain what we have, Noystrom, us, Oyasin.

You have heard some of us use words like Hau and Mitakuye Oyasin and even sometimes rarely Hau Kola but you often see us using words like "love you". Even among men.

I think it's time you understand a bit about why. But before I do so I have to "get correct" and ask for some help so that my words are just not mine but I am spoken through.

To the East and to the South and to the North and to the ones below who always listen and to the ones above that see everything and to the One, the One above us all,

I will tell you a story. It's a long one but i will try to tell it and if i have to take a rest i will. There is a huge back-story going on here but this is a good place to start.

In the "before time" (pre-contact with white people) two brothers went out on the hunt and one was light brother and one was strong brother (or elder or younger or stronger and weaker, whatever). The people needed food.

They came upon a woman. She was sitting all alone by herself wrapped in a buffalo robe and she was singing with her back turned to the hunters.

Dark brother said to light brother, hey, let's take her and have our way with her. But light brother said no dude, she is wakan, she is sacred and holy. Because he could see that she was not entirely human.

She was white. Her skin was white, the robe she wore was white and light came from inside her. And she was beautiful and she was part buffalo calf and part human female.

But Older Brother did not listen and pushed Young Brother out of the way and he went forward because Older Brother was proud and used to taking what he wanted. I can just imagine. Almost irresistible.

He approached the female, touched her and fell dead.

And then She turned to Young Brother and said because you heard my song...

And I am crying as I write this. But she sand a song to Little Brother and gave him a pipe.

Now before this we had many pipes and they were significant but we always made them ourselves to mark occasions or to make bonds or even just to express ourselves and make a really cool pipe but this one was different from all others. This one was given to Light Brother by the hand of a supernatural being, part buffalo and part woman that came to give is the Way Of The Pipe. And the song contains specific instructions about how we are to handle and administer this pipe

And this supernatural being left this pipe with us. We still have it.

Now this woman, this White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman's words were reported by Light Brother to the elders who accepted this as truth, this vision is consistent with teachings.

At the time of the fullness of time I was just a teenager and the elders were getting ready to do another pipe walk across this whole nation to suffer and pray that she return because we had waited. The task called upon some of us young brothers to take up the watch and we were ready and gathering some funds when the word came through: hey guys!


Change your plans, she's back.

Ok our whole priority thing totally changed. For 7 generations you wait for something and then it actually happens. How do you act?

We got so used to wanting something that when we had it we didn't know how to act.

I think I will leave it with that for now.


Because you heard my song I will return to you in 7 generations.

And then nightmares came true.

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I grew up with this story.

A fraud/myth going on forever about someone owning the pipe. The Elk Head family says if there is one it's theirs.

I don't know how correct my memory is of that part of the story, maybe Smudge knows more.

yeah i do

and if you and i allow ourselves to get into a fight about it then we just sa well throw ourselves off a cliff now and spare everybody a hassle.

I believe i can count on you. Based on your post history.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Lol! I don't know enough about it to take sides

but I know it's a big controversy. People think all the Sioux Nation have the same opinions. I know a few of our people who think lowly of Russell Means. He was another big controversial subject.

I was among them for a while.

When I first heard of Russell, it was from someone who thought he was too radical, bringing shame and unwanted government attention upon the Nation. I took the man at his word.... About a year later, I met one of the Sun Dancers, who told tales of Russell that made me look into who he was and what he was doing for myself.
I never met him, yet he was a grandfather to me and I will miss him until I follow him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you Smudge Pot

I have a feeling that this should end with the words, "To be continued..."

But maybe I'm just a little dense.

Sure bro.

See there was more at stake than just ourselves and the potential future of a people post-genocide. It was more than just a pipe that she gave to us. She gave us the pipe, the One True Pipe and left it in our care and said she would be back. And she left instructions which i will very briefly paraphrase,

do as I do. Sit down and load the pipe. I promise you that you will get what you want. And from now on whenever you sit down to smoke, that is now my pipe. And so we had something to live for.

But we had this massive problem, those of us that lived. Our children who had been killed before they got their adult name were lost in a place where we could not get to them and we could always hear them crying but we could not get to them.

When She returned She broke that barrier and the prophecy came true IN THE SEVENTH GENERATION SHE WILL RETURN AND ALL THE DEAD WARRIORS WILL COME BACK TO LIFE.

Well that happened but not in a way we expected. It was kind of assumed that the dead warriors would come back to life and re-establish the people. Like this people. Red people.

Welllllls it just so happens you are reborn into ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Do I see a confluence between RPR and R3VOLUTOIN and this Ron Paul thing?

Oh let see here. You are passionate, vicious and war like, you will fight at the drop of a hat you are just itching for a fight you were born with a chip on your shoulder, you are back and you want even.

Sound like youth today?

I'm just gonna bet you are like me in the regard that we are on the elder side of this which means we are not 7th Gen. Easy for me to tell because i'm the last generation that waited. My job now is to support, protect and defend. Or as I said to you once before, we are zoo keepers for now, our kids are coming in, they don't know who they are or why they are motivated and SO PISSED OFF.

You make the zoo and i will try to fill it. You hand it off, we will try to maintain it but there are still some out there.

What will take us longer bro? Longer than we have is to explain why. But I would like first the oppurtunity to explain what an Oyasin is.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Ok, I'm game. I recognize what you are saying as true

Please continue. Please explain what an Oyasin is.

I've got the zoo. I'm not sure what to do with it. Feeding the animals has become burdensome. Their appetite is voracious and seemingly limitless. Some of them - many of them - want to eat me! Not just me, but the other animals in the zoo as well!

I know this is more than just a zoo. It is an ark. But for it to function as an ark requires security. And some of the animals - they aren't animals, I know that. They're agents disguised as animals. Of course I sound paranoid, but paranoid times call for a paranoid response.

You're in security, maybe you can help?

Some of the 'animals' have to be slaughtered, thrown overboard, left for dead, trapped and hung in gesture of warning. I'm stringing some of them up now. In truth it is hard to tell - which are the agents. They're good.

You're in security, maybe you can help in some way?

trust you saw the post where i explicate Oyasin.

Our relations.

So yeah I was in security and if you or any of us needs actual on the ground physical security I'm only too glad to provide but I'd imagine the need is for IT security. Which I can also provide but we're learning to talk VERY MODESTLY about IT sec these days. It's actually made a joke of IT security because for the most part we're on the reactive side and if they really want to compromise our systems they generally do. So the whole emphasis on IT security has shifted to disaster recovery. Yeah we can do IDS (intrusion detection) and we can dynamically compile ranges and blocks of suspect IP addresses and we can slow down brute force attacks (but not stop them) and have alarms and bells go off but as far as proactive measures what are we gonna do? Build a large meat grinder and put a sign on it saying "free beer for hackers"? And I'll be honest and say there are more highly skilled crypto guys than me. But I'd point out that without serious back-hacking there's not too much more tools to be brought to the table and back-hacking can get us all the wrong kinds of attention.

My method of dealing with 4-Chan and Tor is to be blandly friendly and I just pray they find me boring and go bother somebody else.

I once had a client that became the targets of hackers in Qatar. Just a bunch of loon skript kiddies but they had learned the proxy trick and they were pretty much just having fun but it was totally screwing with ops. Oh and they were brazen, they left a calling card in a MySQL injection. So I email them and I take a gamble. I said Ullah Hu Akbur, are you picking on us because our software sucks or are you picking on us because we are Muslim? Well that was a NAKED LIE, think the clients were Presbyterian or something but they email back saying oops sorry, didn't realize you are Muslim, Ullah Hu Akbar. But that's back hacking for you. They use social engineering so we try to use it right back on them.

The other side of security is the PI stuff, private investigation and unless there's a specific individual of concern it's like finding half a needle in a thousand haystacks.

And it's a dark world brother Mike. Spend all day meditating on thoughts of the unrighteous and dealing with agents that are willing to do more than we can talk about for a paycheck. It's kind of hard to do that and not feel like some of that darkness rubs off.

That said, I'd be highly honored to include DP security on my resume and for me it's always come down to "if somebody has to do it it might as well be me" cause I already have that mark on me and I'll never shake it. And it's not a role I was forced into or was pressured or I went into naively. I went into this because I loved my Chief and I swore to follow him anywhere. So ironically I got into the iron trade for love. And this love has served me well. On the ground when I secure us, well I don't really.

When I secure us no outside agency or help is any help atall. Our people not only deserve the very best security but we deserve white-glove change your diapers and pat you on the head security. Nobody can secure us besides us because nobody else as yet can even remotely understand us. Oh and BTW we of ourselves ARE SECURITY and the teams are usually TOTALLY OVERQUALIFIED and trainable? My teams are all volunteer and these people fly, walk or swim from all over the nation for the HONOR to secure you and get what nobody else gets to have:


Even just thinking about it makes my pulse bound and joy flood into my heart. I have to say being a R3VOLUTION Marshal has been the absolute high point of my life.

So you call we come. It's a commitment. You already have my email.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

"agents" versus professional (and other) blind spots

I wrestle with the "agent" thing also - not at the "mass" level you do, but here are my thoughts:
Does the person ever contribute anything positive, thoughtful, at least funny? There are a handful that spend all their time being unkind, slanderous, occasionally threatening... I try to make sure it is not just the issue at hand, I check their posting history... If they just have a thing against me personally, oh well. If there "recent comments" are filled with hateful, divisive stuff, "block list" it is. It has made my DP time SO much more pleasant. I see when they comment on my list, but if I go to the thread I just don't see whatever hate filled nonsense they are spewing. It eliminates my inclination to respond, to "feed the trolls."
I think if others would try this, we would find the trolls starve to death. At the least, they would learn that from time to time, they would have to PRETEND to support other people here, find something kind to say.
Now, the thing that makes it harder is that we KNOW that everyone has been lied to by pretty much every authority figure they ever knew. I try to leave generous allowance for those who have not found the courage to see their own hand in the evil that is afoot. For a doctor to insist that doctors are good people doing good work is not really "trolling." It is not really reality, Pharma is about profits, not curing anything. The way the FDA persecutes anyone who claims to cure anything is pretty compelling evidence. But they ARE good people, who spent a LOT of time and money learning their craft, and it requires something extraordinary to overcome that kind of blind spot. For me, it took having them nearly kill me... These folks can get pretty nasty when their "sacred cow" is examined, but will generally be supportive of other people and the community here.
That is sort of my "guildeline" for using my block list, just thought I'd share.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I've seen these agents too, they have their tells.

Their smiles are crooked.

Free includes debt-free!

I get it. It's like a metaphor.

Here's a pipe of peace I extend to you...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.