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Anyone here like to argue about gun control?

I am staunchly pro-gun. I have been debating people on Facebook for a while. Recently I asked someone what kind of gun control they wanted. She laid out a well thought out response that is seemingly moderate. I am going to sleep on my response to her, but since the DP has such a depth and breadth of collective knowledge, I thought I'd share her post. If anyone wants to suggest how to reply feel free to respond. Here's what the gun control advocate said:

I am for EXPANDED gun control legislation. I don't want anyone to be able to legally purchase any gun without having a background check. This includes gun shows, Internet, family, friend or any other outlet.

I'm also a little more extreme in my interests than Dale as far as I know. I think that people should have to pass a test (as we do in order to drive legally) before being allowed to purchase a gun. If they pass the background check and the test, then they can have access to legal guns. The test would question someone's good sense in ensuring the safety of their weapon. It should demonstrate that the person has at least read and understands some basic safety materials including safe storage and use of the weapon and who should and should not be allowed access to their guns (Newtown).

Finally, I would like a law that says that large magazines and fully automatic weapons are not legal for purchase by the general public.

I know that irresponsible gun owners will not follow the safety rules no matter what, but at least they will have had access to the knowledge and can face prosecution for the irresponsible use or storage of their weapons. I also know that criminals will still break the law. If the laws I want were passed, we would then have a means for prosecuting criminals who have guns that are not legal. Finally, I know that these are not complete solutions to the mass killings in America, but they are a start. And, I'd like to get started, please.

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I shouldn't make posts when I'm tired

I am against gun control. But because I'm tired tonight I needed some mental help with arguing against this lady's ideas on gun control. I always find it best to sleep on it before responding anyway. There is such a breadth and depth of knowledge here from all the contributors of the DP that I like to come here and ask for help when I'm feeling stumped. Love the comments below, btw. But was hoping for something that a typical obamanite might be able to grasp.

How about sharing facts about guns?

Does she know how many crimes and lives have been saved by guns owned by good people, and if we were all armed, many of these "mass shootings" would never happen. The "wild west" had the lowest crime rates in American history. Areas with the most gun control laws are the places where the most crime occurrs. Common sense, why would I steal from an armed person when I can steal from an unarmed chump.
And what about the facts about the real causes of death. While guns and bombs get all the media attention, more people die from car accidents and falls than from guns. And even more die from abortion, about 3000 babies per day, and we are wasting time arguing about gun control? Seems to me we should start with banning abortion like we did when we were a moral nation and believed in God.....
Hope this helps.

I believe the gun laws should

I believe the gun laws should be the same for the taxfeeders as they are for the peasants, but the laws should be enacted for the taxfeeders first so they can show us the benefits of their gun control.

If tax feeders can have automatic weapons with huge mags then so should the peasants who are forced to pay the taxfeeders their ridiculous incomes.


we dont need em


We don't need Ferraris either

After all, don't automobile accidents cause more deaths than handguns?


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