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So this is what Oyasin means now (part II)

One of the things that White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, this transcendental being said was that I give this pipe to Oyate. To the people.

Oyate is one of those words in Dakotas language that can function interchangeably with us people, all of us people or not you people. It literally means "the people" but whom are people is kinda contextually dependant. We are all people, us two leggeds and the 4-feet and those who crawl about on their bellies (snakes) and those who walk in water (fish) and those who walk in the air (birds) and these are all people. so Oyate in a broad sense is ALL LIVING THINGS which to us includes a great many things which your culture things of as being inanimate, in other words, not alive.

To us EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. The sun sings to earth and seeds and grass grows which is eaten by animals which are totally hooked in and we hook into it and all the sudden we are joined in a very literal and material way into each other if for no other reason that protein distribution and I am part of you and you are part of me so we are the Oyate and you are one of my Oyasin. Which means people.

So Mitakuye basically means "with". And Oyasin bascially means "my people" or "you dudes or dudesses". Or in long form, MITAKUYE OYASIN means you are my people my body you are my breath you are the air you are the water you are the mountain you are the old and the new, you are...pretty much who you are supposed to be. Mitakuye Oyasin!

Now if you are as old as me you always know that a slogan, a jingle, a come on line always has strings attached and there is always fine print at the bottom. A subtext. Unspoken but implied commitments which you are afraid of. Strings attached. I know you people and you can hear that nasty slurping sound, yeah, what do i have to give in return?

Allow me to make this clear: it will require every single thing you have. I myself consider it an honor and a privilege to be talking to you right now. And I very literally credit the fact that I have the honor of addressing you now due to the support I get back. But this game is for real, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing.

I was so touched as in Tampa I went in ready to lay my life down and hardly slept but our Oyasin in Tampa woke up earlier and fed us and watered us and wtihout this we surely would have just overcome the limits of any physical endurance but because we are who we are,

Tampa said "what can we do?" and I said I want two golf carts, I want food and water for my team I want a wheel chair if we need it, i want a coffee maker and I want medical supplies and I want flash lights and I want cots for my people, OUR OYASIN to sleep on when they are tired. Because I am gonna work them harder than they have ever been worked.

And all of this I asked for. And I got all of this and more, we got coffee and donuts and quiche, yes fresh baked quiche and all kinds of love you notes hey, THE ORGANIZERS TOOK CARE OF THEMSELVES BUT SECURITY?

Do you even think an outside security agency could handle you with kid gloves and the respect you deserve?

Did you think that we would allow anybody but us to secure you outside of the RNC?

Did you now that we positioned ourselves with a ready force if things got really hairy in Tampa?

Why do you think we did Paulfest?

So do you. So we had tactical command of OUR SITUATION and a fall back position and a network to get your butts out of there in one piece.


Because, that's why. Short answer. Long answer is I knew that if I called on you, you would stand to the challenge because why?

You know why. Because some of us have waited a very long time and we know, we were trained to rise. When our people call. When the bell rings. And you have never seen me before but you know me.

See fake people see us and relate us in terms of television. Oh wow you are like that guy on television. No honey, television is a crude approximation of us and hollywood producers have long scanned this land for "real" sounding stories they can tell so guess what?

we're the real thing. Why do you believe in their stories? Because you are genetically wired to respond to certain things. They got to you first. now we sound like a cheap copy.

All across this land people show me dream catchers. Hey you are an indian, I got a dream catcher! Cool no?

Ok yes. It's beautiful. Now can you explain why you, a total white person considsers this this to be anything but a dust catcher?

Because it resonates with you. Somebody told you that it's supposed to take away nightmares. Things that scare you. In other words you believe it will protect you in some way because.....

because the people that made it are supposed to love you?

that you somehow know that you have a RIGHT to somebody that loves you and will protect you even in your sleep?

Forget about rights, you want it. Most of you do. You want to know that "we" are there. You want to know that we keep watch and will protect you with our lives if necessary so you can get some sleep for once. Just a good sleep knowing that you are safe. You and yours.

We know. And we want that so much that we will be that for you. Whether we know you or not. Because you are our Oyasin.

What you do is secondary to our mission to try to realize this fact: you are our Oyasin and we are Oyate. So, the meaning of the phrase we use, Mitakuye Oyason means literally "to all my relations". Or it also can be a statement, I am related to all things. Esoterically, spiritually and even bodily as our Oyasin fed me and my team in Tampa for without our Oyasin we surely would have perished and not only that.....

when the "funded" aspects ran out of food and water, because I had no budget but rather called upon our Oyate, everybody else there ended up coming to us for food and water!

I dibbet you notteth. They thought they had enough money. Do you think I would ever let anybody's bank determine our mission to protect our people?

Do you think you would let yourselves down?

Do you think I would let you down if you called? Do you think we would do anything short of TAKE TOTAL COMMAND AND CONTROL if our brother Michael Noystrom was injured in the marathon bombing?

Do you think we would not do everything in our power to help and maintain continuity no matter what the cost?

Do you think if somebody hurt out brother Michael that we would not attempt to make this right?

I saw what you did for Will Grigg. I see what you do for each other. And I know who you are. You are my Oyasin. And I have waited all my life, my ancestors waited and held on for 7 generations.

Mitakuye Oyasin means welcome home, glad to see you, you such for staying away for so long ok let's fight.

Time of sorrow has passed we're back and we're better and we're 100% committed what do they got? Let 'em bring it NOTING ELSE MATTERS

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. YOU ARE BACK. And this time we're not ever gonna let you go. Losing the land was easy compared to losing you so that's not a mistake we intend to make twice. And the land is suffering cause the people lost their hearts. Now that you are back we have a chance to correct this.


but wait....


Do you think anybody

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how can i see this in today's youth?

you aren't afraid to die. You took sports to such an extreme level that we can't believe what we are seeing.

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