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Background Checks For Pressure Cooker Purchases Because of The Boston Bombing

Mark Dice trolls Cali again. This time he is getting signatures to require background checks on Muslims, when purchasing pressure cookers.


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This is an article from the

This is an article from the local university here..they are definitely going to try to ban them as insane as that would be

The suspicious items include clear crystal pellets, propane canisters, assorted powders, vermiculite -- a fertilizer, an unknown liquid, and a non-active pressure cooker found in the trunk of a car.

"We were concerned about these items, when they were found we evacuated the building where these items were found, it was Building B," added Smith


"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Wow. People in California

Wow. People in California will sign *any* petition. I want Mark Dice to offer this petition:

"To ensure my future wealth, power, and safety, I will give my first born to Satan."

How many will sign it?

That belly laugh

from the woman in pink is worth 10,000 newscasts.

Bomb graphic

Is that bomb graphic deliberately a cute robot? I smell a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy.

We should at least ban pressure cookers which go over 15 PSI. No civilian needs that kind of dangerous cooking and canning power.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

I need it for chicken

I swear.

What if I say we're making chicken for my militia picnic. Will I not be a civilian in that capacity?

Defend Liberty!

Same. Can cook chicken and

Same. Can cook chicken and rice at same time in 12 minutes.


Yea right

"I need it for chicken"

Yeah, that's what they all say... We know your game.

A team will be by tonight to provide you transport to one of our facilities. No need to worry, it will be like summer camp, honest.

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