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Boston: Videos of odd behavior.

I am presenting the videos I found, any commentary in them is the opinion of the person who made the video. My questions and comments are posed here.
Video one is the seconds after the first blast.

1. A man gets up, pulls at / rips his shorts, then sits down again. What is his story?
2. The woman in black appears to take a photo of Bauman, then put her camera away, then start helping people. That seems odd to me.
3. In the first frame, you see a man running from the scene. Everyone else in the area seems stunned, this man is running. It turns out, he is the Saudi National who was detained and is to be deported.

In this video, frames of the Saudi national running away are pieced together:
The video makes some very good points about the circle of carnage around him. (Language warning.) If he had nothing to do with it, why was he at ground zero, the only one at ground zero apparently not shocked by the explosion, and why deport him?

This video shows a man throwing a bag of something dusty on victims.

What is the substance, and why is he throwing it on people?

The thing is, I don't know what happened in Boston. The official story does not explain things to my satisfaction, and that leaves me with questions. Everyone and their dog has videos of that event, there is supposed to be video of a Tsarnaev kid dropping a backpack - why isn't that video circulating? Why does the official story deny (or ignore) the drill that was going on? Why is anyone who asks questions accused of "offering crazy theories?"

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I thought this was interesting.....

Not clear enough to prove anything, but interesting.

Exiting on to Fairfield: http://i.imgur.com/S7rIPDA.jpg

After going north on Fairfield, spotted in Public Alley 441 between Fairfield and Exeter: http://imgur.com/9seeLyT
zoomed: http://i.imgur.com/zlP1M9y.jpg
zoomed more: http://imgur.com/wC7Rrdk

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And this is interesting too


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Things that make you say


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To me, this is the most interesting picture ...


These two guys walked down Gloucester Street, walked around the corner past Whiskey's Smokehouse where they were caught on video (a video camera at a bar that was pointed outside for some reason), and then they STOPPED at the building next door.

And then ...

They waited.

And while they were waiting ...

Someone took multiple photos of them.

That someone was across the street in the open plaza. That someone was not taking photos of runners going by. That someone was taking photos -- MULTIPLE photos -- of THOSE TWO GUYS.


Who is that someone?

Why was that someone taking pictures of THEM, while they were waiting for SOMETHING (looking at their cell phones).

That is what I would like to know.





Good point

The pictures have been cropped and runners are in the photos, but they are focused in on the guys.

I noticed in most of the photos of the younger guy...he looks like he is looking at girls. It looks like he is there to girl watch.

There was this odd post on facebook from someone who had been on for a long time. Their account got deleted, or they deleted their account a few days after posting this: http://i.imgur.com/1CUWDpT.jpg

Hmm ...

... pretty interesting.

We were told he was into boxing, but has there been any story of what he did for work? "Doing a drill for his company" would fit right into the false flag idea.

It seems like they were purposely waiting in that location next to the bar, and Tamarlan was looking at his phone.

The fact that someone was taking photos of them right there is suspicious. Your link plays into the FF idea. No way to prove it, of course, but interesting.

It solves the following

It solves the following question.


AWARD-WINNING PHOTO: Man with torn cloths, but no sign of any cuts or wounds. Is this really possible?

I stumbled across a site

I stumbled across a site that has several photos of people with shredded, or blown off or full of holes clothing but the people were not injured. I wish I could remember how they were referring to it. But it is reminiscent of the clothing on actors in a bad movie.

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There Were NO Fire Engines Present

When a bomb goes off, one would logically think a fire would happen as a result. Nearby businesses did not catch fire, awnings didn't catch fire, garbage cans didn't catch fire...there was no fire. There were no fire engines on the scene fighting flames with their hoses.

Watch the original bomb in the first 2 seconds of this video...


There WAS a red/orange flame...but nothing caught fire?

The picture katsung47 posted looks like the man had a minor wound on the shin of his left leg. His pants were torn to shreds....they do NOT look like they were burned.

Shouldn't his clothes have set fire immediately after the blast if he was so close to the bomb?

Simple question...why was there no fire?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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Norfolk, VA

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This guy

His name is James Costello, and I bet if you ask him he says it is possible.


His friends he was there with weren't so lucky.

and yeah those guys had both legs before the Boston Marathon too

Since the Mods have all the answers...

Can you explain this one to me? The hair is different. You don't just go from thin and straight hair, to thick and curly hair just because. So... my question is. Did Jeff get a perm? Another question: I've seen amputees in the military take several weeks if not MONTHS to recover. And Mr. Bauman is out and about, going to hockey games within DAYS? Dearest mods, please enlighten me. I am genuinely curious.

Jeff Bauman From Facebook:

"Jeff Bauman" at Marathon:

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This guy has the longest thigh in the world. Those wounds look so fake to me. I would be in total shock or dead. I thought you are to hold the wound higher then your heart. Where is the gurney.

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so...you have the same haircut in every photograph of you ever?

if not, you're a fraud?

Am I embellishing your claim?

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Days after the marathon

Back to straight.

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I have a very special

I have a very special technique in which I wet my hair just slightly and go really fast on my bike. It really makes the hair awesome.

I suppose being in the blast radius of a bomb, not to mention being covered in dust may rearrange your hair a bit.

I suggest you take one for LIBERTY and do the experiment to prove that could not have been the case with Baumann.


This gave me a good laugh at just the right time. I don't agree with a lot of your posts godsfavson, but you have a quirk PA that's kinda lovable.


Someone downvoted me for telling someone who thinks a bit different than me that I appreciate them? What the hell kinda fukd is that? You need a vacation -- whoever you are.

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this is the least convincing argument a brain has ever conceived


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Reread what I wrote.

I'm not ARGUING anything. I have QUESTIONS. If we can't ask questions here to start discussion and get down to the real ANSWERS, then what is the point of this place anyways? Thanks for not answering the questions, or at least giving an explanation.

I'm sitting right here next to a friend of mine and we are TALKING about these events. He thinks the event was real, and I still have QUESTIONS before I swallow the mainstream narrative of events. But we are DISCUSSING the events and thinking things through. Why can't that be done here?

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In response

(and I won't downvote you because none is deserved - always question everything)

My hair gets really curly when I sweat. Normally it's straight. He ran a marathon. Add some smoke & powder and presto.

I see where you are coming from though. But as salt and then gunpowder soak into hair, it will shrink and curl as a result. I do not have any scientific literature to back this up, but I know from experience my hair will curl into knots when I sweat like crazy and it will not stop for several days. I've run 1/4 what they run and may hair was a disaster, although I didn't care.

I hope that helps.

Thank you and +1

all I want is discussion to hear angles that I may not have thought of yet. I appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration. You gave a reasonable answer, and again I want to thank you for not name-calling, or using ad hominems.

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I've seen injured people

try to get back in the game, then realize it's not happening and sit/lay back down. I've done it myself. I've seen a guy stand for much longer than that on a broken leg.

People don't just know exactly the extent of their injuries the moment something happens. If you've been around injured people, you've seen this. They certainly don't behave in a way that fishyculture couldn't come up with a "why are you doing that?" question. No one can keep up with your imagination.

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It is very difficult to

It is very difficult to judge, "odd behavior." As the owner of this site once said, "People see what they want to see." They hear what they want to hear.

It is very difficult to actually be objective when looking at a picture...it's worth a thousand words and more. We all have good, and bad reasons to believe what we want to believe, especially subconsciously.

Odd behavior, okay. But what about actual facts?


Redtree Productions - "Producers of Film - Media"

661 Boylston St
Boston MA 02116

This is not speculation. This isn't a picture. This is an actual film and media production company in Boston located at what was the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon.

Do film production companies use actors?

Does an orchestra use musical instruments?


"Trained Players and Actors Making It Real"

Crisis Actors is a project of the Colorado Safety Task Force established by Colorado State Senator Steve King.


Not pictures, actual facts.

Crisis actors do exist.

Redtree Productions does exist according to Google maps and Mapquest.

What happens when you combine a, "drill," with a film production company, and a government known to use, "crisis actors," as part of the US Army's war fighting force?

Knock knock...

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The supposed "dust" is a pair of tablecloths as seen here:

In his hands: http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-bombs/pict14.jpg

In use at the scene: http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-bombs/pict49.jpg

View this video in full screen from 1:25 - 1:38 a few times(ignore the rubbish commentary): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ms5A6QH60&feature=youtu.be

Now take two sheets, or any other cloth you have on hand (towels,t-shirts, etc.) fold them, then throw them and observe how they unfold in the air while falling.

That is what you are seeing in that low quality video.

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I first thought it was dust, but I'm leaning more towards towels now the more I look into it. I can still see where I, and others, got the impression that it was dust in the video footage. I do see sort of "cloud" whispy "dusty" characteristics of the towels/cloths falling, but could just be the video quality. I wish there was better video/more pictures/longer scene though. At this point, I see cloths/towels until further footage comes out.

Dust, imo, is debunked.

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Different footage

"At this point, I see cloths/towels until further footage comes out."

Clearly see it was towels/tablecloths in this video, it starts at 0:38 in where you see him with them.


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Carnage happened.

Lets not deny that.

We need to figure out why?

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The guy throwing the dust out...

looks like he is dressed like the "hired" security guys dressed in black shirts and camo/desert pants.

Funny how the black shirt is shown but the camo/desert pants are blurred out.

Anyone else think this?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

There are other pictures of this guy with the towels in higher


No light colored pants and he has towels in his hands not a bag of dust

Also there are close up pictures of that area and there is no dust on the people there.