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Boston: Videos of odd behavior.

I am presenting the videos I found, any commentary in them is the opinion of the person who made the video. My questions and comments are posed here.
Video one is the seconds after the first blast.

1. A man gets up, pulls at / rips his shorts, then sits down again. What is his story?
2. The woman in black appears to take a photo of Bauman, then put her camera away, then start helping people. That seems odd to me.
3. In the first frame, you see a man running from the scene. Everyone else in the area seems stunned, this man is running. It turns out, he is the Saudi National who was detained and is to be deported.

In this video, frames of the Saudi national running away are pieced together:
The video makes some very good points about the circle of carnage around him. (Language warning.) If he had nothing to do with it, why was he at ground zero, the only one at ground zero apparently not shocked by the explosion, and why deport him?

This video shows a man throwing a bag of something dusty on victims.

What is the substance, and why is he throwing it on people?

The thing is, I don't know what happened in Boston. The official story does not explain things to my satisfaction, and that leaves me with questions. Everyone and their dog has videos of that event, there is supposed to be video of a Tsarnaev kid dropping a backpack - why isn't that video circulating? Why does the official story deny (or ignore) the drill that was going on? Why is anyone who asks questions accused of "offering crazy theories?"

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You're right

No one should disagree with anything anyone else says... Give me a break. Free speech is the best way to mitigate the spread of false information. Our founders knew that.

Dude in the first clip...

He does pretty much the same thing I would have...

"Are my legs working? Check... Is my dong attached? Check!!... Holy crap I feel terrible and that explosion was scary, time to take a seat.

I saw this one posted yesterday on DP

It may be some of the same clips, but I thought it was interesting.



Oooo, I see what was weird, it was all stop motion animation with puppets! That explains why they're movements are so jumpy! Gotcha! Thanks, great video man! I have just one question, "Did Lard Ass have to pay to get into the competition?"

Why do you read these posts if you think they are stupid?

Don't you have the maturity and perseverance to not click on your mouse and read it...and give it even more attention by posting a comment?

This is the top viewed post right now thanks to all of you naysayers posting your snark.


Not really trying to offend, I read them because of false advertising. If the headline here had been, "Man stands up and tugs and pants and falls over" I would have known it was comedy before I watched instead of after. Thought I might see something informative. My mistake. Wow, that guy really did stand up and sit down. Very controversial.

Don't feed the trolls.

Trolls attack others. They don't make intelligent replies.

Feeding them only encourages them.

For a group of people who

For a group of people who seem to dislike their own movements being watched and tracked and analyzed the AJ lovers really enjoy watching tracking and analyzing everyone's else's.

Guy throwing powder


I'm not going to get into all the problems that make the "actor" scenario impossible, or the ways it has already been debunked anyway, BUT I do have to comment on the guy with the powder as it was driving me nuts to find out what it was.
I've read that it is blood clotting powder. The guy who throws it cannot get to all the people, and obviously some are bleeding badly, so he throws it on them as best he can.

Of course make your own judgement, just relaying what I found. I find it the only plausible answer, I mean what else could it be? He tells other people who are helping that he's going to just throw it on the hurt people and you see some of them turn their faces away. If you don't accept that, then please tell me what you believe it is and if/how it helps the "actors" theory?

you don't throw clotting powder

What if it got in someone's eyes? That stuff burns when it comes in contact with liquids. From my experience and training with quick clot and other products, it would be extremely unwise and ineffective to throw it all over injured individuals.

Yeah but regular people

Yeah but regular people trying to help and freaking out that someone might bleed to death just might think to try to get blood clotting powder on them anyway they can. It wasn't a hospital where you have your pick of what should be the most effective, you use whatever is on hand.

I'm not seeing any other plausible theories.

Why would a regular person have this stuff?

It doesn't look like towels to me when they hit the air, it looks like it turns into a powder, but that doesn't mean he's a regular guy who doesn't know how to use blood clotting powder.

Maybe it was something else.

Could be, but who had BAGS of it on hand?

It usually comes in much smaller packages, and on an ambulance space is pretty tight. I'm not saying you CAN'T buy it in big bags, but that is not how normal EMS or even hospitals buy it.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I use flour when I cut my dog's nails to the quick

Unless there was a bakery nearby, I don't know anyone who travels with flour.

Oh well that makes sense

Civilians always carry around large bags of blood clotting agents. The same blood clotting agents that were abandoned by the military 10 years ago for their ineffectiveness clotting blood.

- Wounded Iraqi civilian. Shot near brachial artery. QuikClot was applied per the instructions. The substance dried but was flaking off. Standard direct pressure applied by corpsman proved more effective on the patient.
– Iraqi civilian shot in back with punctured spine. QuikClot applied to severe bleeding. Pressure from bleeding sprayed QuikClot away. According to LT Webb, QuikClot was everywhere but the wound.
– Iraqi civilian, female, shot in femoral artery. She suffered severe arterial bleeding. Patient bled out. QuikClot unable to be applied effectively due to pressure of blood flow from wound. Patient died.
– An LAR Marine was shot in the femoral artery. Quick Clot was applied to the heavily bleeding wound. The pressure from the blood soon caused the QuickClot to be pushed out of the wound and rendered ineffective. A tourniquet was applied instead. -Patient Died.

It may not be the most

It may not be the most effective thing, but it is better than nothing when people are possibly bleeding to death to stop the bleeding until you can get to them. He was obviously throwing it on the hurt people. Bags of QuikClot or some other blood clotting powder may have been there as part of first aid packages.
Please tell me your explanation that makes more sense.

yeah, no

I dont have an explanation, I only know Johnny bag of powder over there must have some serious situational awareness that he was able to find a first aid kit in the smoke, confusion and panic moments after the bomb went off, then locate a blood clotting agent inside bag, read the directions and open bag and generously apply to everyone within 10 feet. Wow.


You make a good point, these aren't combat medics. They see blood clotting powder in the first aid kits and people bleeding so they use it. They haven't done the research you have to know that it is not the most effective.

Why does anyone do anything/

1. A bomb just went off and the dude felt like he needed to arrange his junk
2. A bomb went off, it was an obvious serious incident and someone wanted to take a photo
3. You already answered this one

4. Space aliens from Zeta-Reticuli
5. Your momma's basement
6. George Bush!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

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Both clips are bazaar.

It also seems strange that just after the blast, the man on the ground puts on his sunglasses. Why do that?

Frame 6:
Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.

The clip of the prosthetic exposed bone appearing to fall-off is also.

The Boston Marathon Mysteries by journalist Thierry Meyssan

Two weeks after the attacks in Boston, the U.S. authorities continue to release piecemeal the clues they claim to have found. Everything revolves around the Chechen origin of the "guilty" parties and the conclusions to be drawn. Meanwhile, Internet users and the Russian press are depicting a different story, one in which the main "culprit" is a CIA agent: http://www.voltairenet.org/article178337.html
Journalist to FBI: "Tell Us About the Bomb Drill!" (Boston Marathon Bombing): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hXg1u...
Breakthrough Photo Confirmation: Did Lt. Nick Vogt Play Role of Blast 'Victim' Jeff Bauman on April 15th at Boston Marathon While Jeff Bauman Has Collected Over $724K in Donations for Nick's Debut Performance? (April 27, 2013): http://educate-yourself.org/cn/breakthroughphotobaumanvogtri...


Fishy....come on

That guy clearly had a wedgie and was simply adjusting it :)

...and everyone knows in situations of great trauma or terror its a natural human reaction to reach for your camera and snap a photo of the carnage.

Thanks for the links to new

Thanks for the links to new points of view, minus the sound effects

Yeah, those sound effects/music are awful

Sandy Hook music was the worst. And even worse, is all the cable news play some stupid music when they are about to do a Sandy Hook or Boston report. So somber... so sad...I guess I'm supposed to cry, but I don't.
They have a sad one for Sandy Hook and the Boston one sounds more ominous, like danger is lurking behind the corner.

Another example

Is this story real? Obviously the headline photo is photoshopped. The women in the middle is edited in.


Please don't try to argue that it is not edited. The man has one pink sleeve for God's sake!! So....with a photo that is a complete lie, should we really trust the story?

On a broader scope, stories which build fear and destroy trust in your fellow man bombard the corporate network of media constantly.

When using the media as a psychological weapon, it might not be too convenient to wait to air natural events to impose your agenda, would be much easier to script them and leave little to chance.

I am still looking for

Any sign whatsoever in that video, that indicates a pressure cooker bomb full of nails or ball bearings had gone off. Nobody seems to be full of nails or ball bearings, not the fence or anything. Not the Saudi running away, not the large women blocking the view from the street, especially not those two who remained on top of or between the man who lost his legs from the nails and ball bearings ripping through his flesh.

I find it very hard to believe that people are unable to logically evaluate that video...which by the way was taken incidentally and not seized by FBI.

Yes, the implications of this are huge, maybe there is a psychological inability for some to rationally analyze it. The notion that actors are used to make news stories is just too far fetched to even view any evidence thereof.

And as far as who or what could have the kind of control and influence necessary to pull off the staging of events....go back and listen to Kennedy's "secret society" speech again. When Kennedy uses the word "conspiracy" he means it literally, as a collusion of persons and groups to commit fraud and or murder. When he says vast he truly means large and or huge, when he says "monolithic" he means solid in structure and/or as to act as one. When Kennedy says "ruthless" he means the ability to smash a baby's skull and not feel regret. When he says "a tightly knit, highly efficient machine" he means it's incredible and capable. When he says "subversive" he means they act by subterfuge. When he says has amassed great power and resources, he means literally they have control and influence in all the aspects he mentions. When he says "infiltration", he means worming their way in without notice.

Anyways, maybe listen to it again and just consider the evidence impartially. Personally I've explained in the past that I've seen direct evidence of news stories being scripted and staged, acted out and broadcast as truth. Sometimes irrelevant stories overall, and I had some confusion as to why they would make such irrelevant stories, maybe it was just practice? Now you see released, prepackaged news stories about patriots being arrested....will these be aired as truthful news stories later? Or would they have been? Obviously they are not truth, but fabricated. There is about to be a paradigm shift when everyone realizes that the major networks are controlled and literally air fabricated stories on a regular basis, they are scripting reality in ways that many are unable to even comprehend. Many hang onto cognitive dissidence to protect collapsing their belief system and avoid a such an ugly realization.

If it gets me banned for speaking of this...so be it. I don't care, the ball has already been set rolling. Other deceptions intentionally perpetrated by the media conglomerate are unraveling.

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Good finds

More questions than answers as usual. Craziness.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


Bauman has his leg(s) in the air. Not saying that he didn't really lose his legs, but IF he did... where is all the arterial blood spatter on the 2 individuals beside him? (The man in the hood and the black woman).

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Of how they faked the double amputee. Watch this and you'll get some answers...

Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

Daily Paulers are being banned for this?

My Background: I am an X-ray Technician in the Army Reserve. Being in ARMEDCOM, I am required to be Combat Life Saver certified. Being an X-ray tech, I am required to be Basic Life Saver certified. My EMT training is optional but most medical professionals go through it.

Bauman should have been THE FIRST one to be taken care of. Triage 101. Why was Bauman left alone to bleed out for several minutes? Triage 101. Why was Bauman placed in a WHEELCHAIR instead of a gurney? Triage 101. Bauman should have been transfered via bed with his legs up (trandelenburg). Triage 101. In his position of sitting upright, legs bleeding out with barely a tourniquet applied, his blood pressure would have been too high... and not even a grimace on Bauman's face.

Ban me if you want DP. I have given my professional opinion. I call BULLSHIT

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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