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Revenue Canada says BitCoins aren't tax exempt


"When you sell [the BitCoins], they will deposit that in your account," said Chavady. "As soon as it turns into Canadian dollars, it's back in the eyes of the CRA and everybody else. If you get a big deposit of $10,000, or $100,000, [CRA is] going to say, 'Hey, where did that come from?'"

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Which is why we need to move

Which is why we need to move more toward bitcoin directly. Its the same with gold and silver neither are taxable until you turn it in to government sanctioned banking cartel scrip.

That's why I get a kick out of folks who value all of them in centrally controlled scrip. Its an easy way to cut the banksters out of our lives but we are too jaded after having been robbed for generations...

How many pieces of inked paper does it take to trade for; insert medium here... ;0

Bitcoin is like the ultimate fuck you to the banksters. A paperless digital currency they cannot control!

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