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I finally got those chickens I've been wanting- but I'm highly allergic to them!

I bought three silkie chicks (for the ghastly price of $100) three days ago. They are doing great in their brooder in the garage- they've already grown. I have discovered I'm super allergic to them. If I stand over their brooder to gaze at their cuteness I can feel a reaction. Last night I couldn't sleep because of the coughing, running nose, scratchy eyes and throat. My contact with them is minimum, I change their paper three or more times a day and supervise my children with them outside (it's 80+ degrees here during the day so I let them get fresh air and sunshine).

This morning I wore a dust mask over my mouth and ski googles over my eyes to change their paper. It worked. But I am still recovering from previous exposure. The chicks will go outside into a coop in a month and I'm hoping I can avoid triggering my allergies while I care for them.

Does anyone have any tips on how to care for chicks in a brooder, or chickens in a hen house while minimizing exposure to allergens? Am I going to have to invest in a space suit? I don't want to take medication. If I can't avoid being sick, they are going to have to go. :-(

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$100 for 3 chickens! I guess

$100 for 3 chickens! I guess hyperinflation has already kicked in. I have got some nickles I would like to sell for one dollar each. Are you interested?

Haha, that's funny and tragic

Haha, that's funny and tragic at the same time =)

Ask your family doctor for starters. Other than that wouldn't it be easier to buy the kind of eggs you want locally? A bit more expensive but reduces a lot of work and heartache/itching/swelling etc.

PS: Good thing you didn't go all the way and purchase a chicken farm =D

Maybe Reishi can help?

Do some research about Reishi mushrooms too. They say they are effective in reducing allergies. Either way everyone should know more about them, they are one of nature's most powerful medicines.

Our mushroom farm is just starting to cultivate red reishi - pretty amazing stuff. If you do try them I'd love to hear if they help or not.

- Grow Mushrooms at Home

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I don't

have any tips as far as the chickens are concerned, but if you take colloidal silver in an eye dropper and in a nasal sprayer, you'll most likely kill whatever is causing a reaction. You can buy it at most health food stores.
Colloidal silver kills over 650 different strains of virus, bacteria, and fungus. It doesn't burn or sting. That's why the medical industrial complex wants to shut it down, because they want you buying antibiotics @ 250 bucks a pop.
I have a friend that thanks me roughly every couple of months because he no longer gets sinus infections that lead to getting sicker.

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I've got some Super Natural silver in the pantry right now.

I'm going to drink a few teaspoons and stick some up my nose. Thanks for the tip!

I second that, plus

get them outside as soon as possible. Natural air flow is better for you and them, although they need heat until their little heads are feathered up.
How do you plan to keep them? If you can, I would "chicken plow" or "pasture pen" them, so you don't have to clean a coop. If you must do a coop, I would do the kind where you throw pine sawdust or needles in and then straw, and let it compost in place for a couple months at a time, then you only have to "space suit" up a couple times a year.
Also, just for allergies in general, a tablespoon of local, raw honey a day. Throw some cinnamon on there and it is supposed to be good for arthritis, too.
Good luck!

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