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Does Rand Paul Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt?

Let’s be clear. Rand Paul is almost certainly the best sitting United States Senator (well, perhaps second best, as the Senator from Washington D.C. doesn’t get a vote, and can therefore do the least harm). This of course isn’t saying much when talking about the psychopathic, ignorant control freaks that largely populate the U.S. Senate. In contrast, Rand seems to be more reasonable and often falls on the right side of many issues. We here at Lions of Liberty have not hesitated to highlight when he is right on an issue, such as his support for the legalization of industrial hemp or his attempt to ban F-16 and M1 tank sales to Egypt.

On the flip side, we do not hesitate to criticize him when he’s wrong. We’ve taken him to task on his TSA “privatization” bill and his stance on government default, among other issues. I find that we often get flak from other libertarians when we criticize Rand Paul. This flak is typically not about the substance of the issue or our specific criticisms, but more often about the fact that we criticize him at all! We’ll often hear things like “Well hey, he’s mostly libertarian and he’s the best we’ve got!” One of our fans on Facebook even recently commented that Rand Paul was just “tiptoeing the establishment line” because it “is the only way to trick these idiots into voting for him” (emphasis mine).

It’s a wonderful fantasy, isn’t it? Rand Paul spends years mixing libertarian and establishment rhetoric, just enough to “trick” mainstream voters into supporting him. He then becomes President of the United States, rips off his Neocon Suit to reveal his “Ron Paul R3volution” shirt, ends the War on Drugs, brings the troops home, shuts down the Federal Reserve and ushers in a new age of freedom and prosperity!

Unfortunately, this scenario is just that…a fantasy.

We will never achieve a more free society just by getting certain politicians to say the right things and get elected and then enact their policies. The people must change the way they view government; they must change the way they view the use of collective violence to achieve their goals, rather than through free markets and reasoned persuasion. This can only occur by communicating the ideals of liberty to the masses, and by doing so in a principled and consistent manner. Rand Paul does not always do this, and it is important for the purposes of education to point out when he does not even if his motives are sound and pure.

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I will NEVER become what I sought to defeat.

Ron Paul lost. Not because of fairness, but because he was cheated, lied about, and few people in America cared.

I wanted, prayed for Ron Paul to win. I really thought that if people voted him in, it would have been because they wanted responsibility, honesty and Liberty in government, and an end to all wars.

This past election was my very first. It has hardened me, and softened me. I no longer care who the president is, or who wins in future elections. Rand can win or lose and I couldn't care less. Without people and the representatives that they elect making sound decisions of love and prosperity, it will continue on as it has.

Rand can turn out to be Liberty for all I know. But I will focus my efforts on teaching others to think and stand on their own. I will attempt to sway an ear to listen to quality and truthful news, rather than the controlled and corrupted media which pits one against the other for political gain.

I am taking my nation back. Others can help, or stay on the couch. Either way I am the irate minority. And that is all that it takes for me to win.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Ron Paul didn't Wake Me From My Neoconservative Coma by being dishonest. His honesty shook my past beliefs to the core. Honesty is the way to go.

and you always trust him

not so much with the son, sorry to say.

I think We

Have a hard time trusting Rand the most is because the ones that went against Ron are all of sudden now cool with Rand. Fox is not our friends. They cheated the whole election. They ignored us and Ron Paul. It is disheartening when we see Rand with all smiles with Sean Hannity. Now we got Glenn claiming he likes Rand when he called us Terrorists. I mean, it is really shady. I don't like this situation at all.

Tell him what he's won Johnny!

"Now we got Glenn claiming he likes Rand"

You hit the nail right on the head. When you see the likes of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etal singing the praises of a particular pol, you know the fix is in.

There are NO political solutions to this mess. If there ever was one it died with Ron's exit. Of course, his election was never going to happen. Ron's sojourn onto the national stage only served to plant seeds and to educate for which we all should be grateful.

IMO, a complete reset is in order with the expulsion of all those who surreptitiously serve two masters but claim to represent America. All three branches have to be purged.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Excellent quote

"When I see people "wake up" it is because they learned some important truth, not because they heard a prettier lie."

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Good points

Well stated piece - hopefully people start looking at Rand with a less enamored eye all the damn time.


Excellent article. It's all about changing hearts and minds, we can't trick people into embracing liberty.