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Racist Gangs Took Over LA County Sheriff’s Department, Deputies Claim


"Two deputies at the LA County Sheriff’s Office have jointly filed a lawsuit alleging that the department hid an inmate from the FBI, covered up an incident involving a skinhead deputy, threatened to kill the deputies for exposing their gang involvement, and called them “race traitors” and “snitches”."

These would be the fine officers who "protected" us from Chris Dorner, the black whistle blower.

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Group identity is formed in

Group identity is formed in combination with group leaders and followers and assuming the group successfully functions (in other words, there is no insurrection by followers), the group reinforces its identity with hazing, intimidation or rituals. All groups of people are essentially "gangs". Some gangs just happen to be more violent than others. Even the "peaceful gangs" have group identity reinforcement mechanisms. Gangs could be based on race, political affiliation, geography, religion, etc.

Gangs given "authority" are the scariest kind.

You make an excellent point. People underestimate the power of "brotherhood."
I think much of the reason the traditional concept of "family" has been dismantled is to distance us from our biological "gang." That leaves us endlessly seeking that type of "belonging" in other groups. Good people chose a career to "protect and serve" and once in that particular gang, they are constantly telling each other how dangerous their work is, how every person they stop might be their killer... And indeed, they get to deal with the worst of humanity. Compared to the "bad guys" their co-workers little misdeeds seem so trivial... They are perhaps the most fear-mongered "gang" around. In this world of constant violence and threats of violence, we are given the perception that all they do is noble and lawful. The media encourages the people turn a blind eye as they have become little more than revenuers for their own budgets and the prison for profit system.
It has really gotten quite excessive. In the past month, we were stopped for not having our turn signal on long enough before we turned, a friend was given the whole "field sobriety" shakedown for dodging HUGE potholes, and my son was pulled over for touching the white line when he went around a corner. I live in the boondocks, the long arm of the goons is clear out here.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

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Who has the tattoos and who doesn't?

Here is the part that leads me to believe this story: "Their actions were discovered by LASD personnel, who suspended Rathbun WITHOUT PAY (emphasis added) as retaliation."

So there you have it. Other "cops" can kill/beat/rape/maim, and what do they get? PAID vacation. If this guy was denied his pay, then that is monumental, and leads me to think there is something to this.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Considering the fact

that there are numerous 'black' and 'brown' racist gangs in LA, it's no surprise that there would be 'white' ones too, and that they'd be the ones wearing uniforms. Seems fitting for LA, actually. Shitty, oppressive, and morally wrong, but fitting.

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Explains a lot actually.

Can't corner the Dorner.