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"NBA center Jason Collins comes out: 'I'm black."

Color blind Stephen Colbert will appreciate having that cleared up.
I mean really? OK, I DID cut off the next sentence in the headline. (Sentence fragment, but it is not my fault journalists can't write.) We all KNOW what the next sentence is, but it begs the question.... Is declaring oneself black now a form of coming out? Or perhaps is this an attempt to make "homophobia" = "racism" (the same way asking to see Obama's records = racism.) And if I come out and declare myself black, will gay people applaud my courage?

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Who Cares?

Who really gives a holy crap if these people announce who they are, what they are, and or their behavior. Does it really matter? Do people really care? Apparently the White House cares, as they have come out and publicly stated they "Commend" Jason on coming out. Does it have to be political as well? Go figure.

Posted as "humor"

"coming out as black" is a unique event, in my experience. Gay is so "yesterday..."
Today, there are threads about his gayness where your comment applies. This story is about a man coming out as black, and I thought it was hysterical. I have been accused of having a warped sense of humor, could be true.

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If I think I'm black

can I come out and say I am?

I just don't understand

why gays need to "come out" at all.

It's none of my business what 2-consentual adults want to do with each other behind closed doors.

Imo, all of this talk about sexual orientation is a distraction. Gay people exist and no one gets hurt because they are gay.

Let's talk about hemp or the Federal Reserve ;)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Soccer announces it is gay.


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