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Does anyone know whats going on with Campaign For Liberty these days?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if there is anyone close to the C4L that can tell me what they are up to these days. I still get the letters, but are they any plans to expand local activism?

I tried reaching out to my local C4L leader here in Minnesota about this but never received a response from her.

I'm looking for opportunities to be active for liberty.

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The Wisconsin head of Campaign For Liberty,

Is Todd Welch. He was also the ONLY Wisconsin delegate to the Republican Convention who cast a nominating vote for Ron Paul.

After the election, he was refused membership in his county Republican Party, his dues were returned, with some notation supposedly from some set of bylaws indicating that those who were disruptive (specifically meaning casting a nominating vote for Ron Paul), could be refused membership. Because he is not a member of his local county Republican Party, he cannot participate at the State Level either.

That's the last I heard. If there are any further developments I am not aware of them.

Seems to be the Republican strategy toward us in general. "If you can't beat them - hit them harder, and kick them out."

Become an elected precinct GOP delegate.

You run in your local precinct.

Elected people represent the party.

Free includes debt-free!

I'm pretty sure that to be an elected precinct GOP delegate,

you actually have to be a member of the party. If they won't allow him to join the Republican Party, it would be fairly difficult to become an elected precinct GOP delegate.

And since I don't live in the same county that he does - even if "I" became an elected precinct GOP delegate - it wouldn't help him to become a member of the party.

In Michigan, the Township clerk registers candidates.

I will ask around, see what I can find out, if what I believe is true:

Candidates need not belong to party. A majority of 2000 voters needed.

Free includes debt-free!

But The Granger says if only

But The Granger says if only he knew the Roberts Rules Of Order he'd see freedom in his lifetime!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Bump to look back to

I'm curious as well. I actually started out on the C4L website before registering at the dailypaul. It used to rock and roll, then they did a big website change, and the flow and whatnot wasn't the same, and content started drying up pretty quick at that point, so became more active on the DP. Might have to check em out again, and see what's going on, it was at one point a great site for content and user driven posts.

Thanks for the input guys

Confirms what I was already suspecting. Sad. C4L has a great opportunity but seems like its wasted on simple lobbying tactics.

I feel like I'm doing much more good with just my GoA membership.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

John's C4L is GOP-lite.

None of the principles and all the foul taste.

Grassroots involvement is shunned. Admission here, that I may be fermenting sour grapes.

Free includes debt-free!

The Grange

taught me roberts rules of order, how to write resolutoins, debate, work a convention, how to run and hold offices.

Too many people don't know how government works.. everything grassroots can do GOP can destroy and do even better.

One things that bothers me is that so many people have no flippin idea how RROO works, they resort to the same old corruption tactics.. back door deals..

People don't know what they are losing.. or how.. it's because people no longer speak the langiage of freedom RROO

The word was shunned.

I, know how organisational rules work.

Free includes debt-free!

Those RROO really served Ron

Those RROO really served Ron Paul well didn't they? State after state wiped out by the criminals. But don't worry, Rand is going to save the day this next time because The Granger knows the rules will work!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

YES! Those who know YES

Least we forget http://www.dailypaul.com/262267/caption-this-picture

Rand surely plays a huge part, but it is the hundreds of Republicans backing Rand that are the power.

Elections are not left to the people. But, they think that.

Congress gave the Two Parties, monopoly control of the election process and formed the Federal Election Commission.

Sign affidavit stating no confidence for Congress and no support for its unconstitutional activities.

Do a majority of eligible voters have no confidence. History offers no reason to think Congress deserves any.

I went back before Reagan's time. Not a single President or Congress critters has be elected with more than 38% of eligible voters.

A majority of a minority of a minority makes our laws.

Bottom line, governments that borrow fail.

Free includes debt-free!


Have put on a couple of Workshops I have attended in Mississippi.
These were on Guerrilla politics.
Basically, the premise is that 3% of the population can influence their politicians enough to return us to Liberty.
The guy did a good job, but I am unsure of anything else or how legit those things may be.
I definitely get letters asking for donations all the time.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Was wondering the same thing.

Thanks for the post.

Yeah, seems a little detached these days.

(DIY Liberty, baby!)

What would the Founders do?

This won't be what you want to hear

I have no idea what CFL is doing. After the RNC, I came home ready to rock n roll, let the election go and get to work with CFL. I had all the lists of people who had been active during the campaign, I was on the State and County Central Committee, I had the state GOP neocons kissing my butt... I could not get CFL to reply to me, either. The guy who was named the State coordinator never contacted me, and we had worked together a lot during the campaign.
There is probably still a state chapter, but I have never heard a word from them or about them. Well, I used to get emails and mail begging fr money, but I asked to be removed from the list after a few months.
I urge you to start your OWN "movement" of one. Do what you KNOW is right, and when others come to see what you are doing, you will have your "group."
Good luck.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I had almost the exact same

I had almost the exact same experience with CFL. There was the state coordinator that was actually a zionist and did his dirty deeds behind the scenes, and because he was CFL he got away with whatever he wanted to. This is why I am so hard on Zio lovers like The Granger. We do all of this hard work and at the last moment all of it is stolen from us.

You are correct, be an army of one!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


The Zionists seem to be doing very well at compromising "the liberty movement" ideals with the GOP... on behalf of all of us... because they will be good and gracious kings and queens...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I am troubled by the apparent racial overtones.

I find it technically more accurate to recognize what they do and why, than who does it.

Around here Catholic neocons are common. Like Larry Franklin who was arrested for passing state secrets.

This is where I started.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, Granger

is a Catholic Zionist (at least sympathetic) what is your point? It is a political agenda, not a race. If I object to Democrats' policies, am I a racist?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My link was selected to clear up these questions.

Skip the babbling prologue skip to the Interview.

Shadia describes that 'political agenda'. I thought it was quite perceptive.

Abraham, didn't kill his son. Moses led the slaves out of Egypt and changed the way man talked about God.

Jesus taught the next step and his spirit ended up vanquishing his executioner, Imperial Rome.

I guess that word has baggage for me.

Free includes debt-free!

Its pretty sad

That my legitimate question garners (almost) no response on this site.

And only the sensationalist posts seem to be the ones people pay attention to. Not sure how this is much better than the MSM.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

You Are My Leader.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm telling you to start your own group...meetup.com don't be a sissy pants!

Mailing lists

I went to one of the conventions, paid to attend, and I am on a few mailing lists as a result.

The sad fact of our dictatorial conditioning shows up here too. It is a problem caused by few people as few people target many people. This may sound off the wall to you, but to me it is perfectly clear in my mind.

The end result of a population constructed around lies is this end result of each person dictating to each other person.

You wrote:

"I'm looking for opportunities to be active for liberty."

If you read one book, for me, I'm asking you to do this, because it will make me happy to know that you read this one book. You may have already read it.

The title is Mostly on the Edge, and the author is Karl Hess.

I think the answer to your question can be found in the mirror, which is a figurative way of saying that you, and everyone else, is the answer to your question, as we all invent, produce, and maintain opportunities to be active in liberty.

In other words, The Problem is either/or asking someone else to invent, produce, and maintain opportunities to be active in liberty, either that, or instead of that, someone dictates what must be the one and only opportunity to be active in liberty.

Masters and slaves seep into the genetics, it seems, instead of those in liberty allowing each of us to exist without masters or slaves.

I don't know if my words have any use for you. I just thought you may want to read that book, it is a good one on this subject, so don't let my words keep you from it.

Here is a link:



I understand what you are saying...

And I appreciate your message, however as the saying goes, two heads are better than one etc... Not sure what you are talking about with the mailing lists.

So, I was really asking two different but related questions. 1. Whats going on with c4l, and 2) I'm just looking for a good group of activists near me to work with.

I was hoping c4l would be a good activist outlet, but they seem more like a lobbyist organization than a grassroots one.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero


Mailing lists are efforts by one person, or a few people, to connect to many people; as in: "get investors to invest in" paying money to the few people, paid for by the many people.

Do you know how electricity or hydraulic circuit diagrams show the flow of power as it makes its way through the circuit, and in those diagrams there are things called diodes or check valves.


"A diode is an electrical device allowing current to move through it in one direction with far greater ease than in the other."

Mailing lists are built as one way flow devices. You are being connected to, for one reason, you are a source of power.

If you offer anything other than money, what do you think will be the reply to any information you may offer in return for whatever you get in the mail, through that mailing list?

If the question being asked is a question that seeks the most effective use of your power used by you to defend Liberty, then C4L may be worth connecting to, by you, in a way that is unique, and a way that isn't the way I connected to C4L.

I tried to send the information I know, to them, and I found the familiar Diode.

The Diode is in between me and almost everyone. I listen, then I speak. The information finds a way to my brain.

The information I have to share cannot find a way to any other brains, with very few exceptions.

Take the effort to accomplish 2 things, on the list of things to accomplish, and work through these things, please. If you have time, if there is no Diode between my power of accurate perception, and your power of accurate perception.

You, I remind myself, are the one asking the Topic Question. I am offering a viewpoint on the many competitive answers.

Audit the FED

Fight against the Internet Tax

I went here:


I spoke with the speaker who led the fight to audit the FED. I asked about the flow of POWER going to China, which is a question I had asked of Walter Block back in 1996 too, and both of these leaders were, in my opinion, not up to speed on the flow of POWER going to China, not in 1996, and not in 2011.

You wrote:

"I was hoping c4l would be a good activist outlet, but they seem more like a lobbyist organization than a grassroots one."

A root, one root, of grass is the guy I spoke to, the guy who led the fight to Audit the FED, so I think you are mistaken. That one person, at least as far as I can tell, drove all the power he could get, and he targeted The FED, and he Audited The FED.

It was an amazing accomplishment by that one root, but that one root was connected to many other roots, and that one root, to me, was failing to see a significant part of what I call The Power Struggle.

If you, as a root of grass, have no idea, or limited ideas, as to what you want to do with your power, precisely, then you need help, sure, so find it, and then move your power, invest your power, in that precise direction.

The Audit the FED fight is one worthy cause, to some extent.

The fight against taxing the Internet is another worthy cause, to some extent.

When I went to the Liberty Conference in Reno, the fight against taxing the Internet was not high on the list, if there were any speakers speaking about it, I missed that speaker speaking about that battle, and typically the speaker is, in some way, a leader in that battle.

The root of the problem, the worst danger to mankind, to me, is the Money Monopoly Fraud and Extortion made Legal POWER.

One quote that returns to my mind often, offers advice to anyone seeking to do something positive about defending against that one very destructive POWER.


"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

Look, I've been on this road awhile, I think you are on this road, this concept of defense against very bad people, and I've been on the ballot for a Congressional Seat, and I've joined this and that, a long list, and in almost every case I've found the Diode.

If you can get past the diode, you will be winning the battle.

If you can't, you can try harder?




Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

My local C4L is quite active

I live in Michigan and we have an active statewide outfit and the head leaders live near me in Wayne county and neighboring Washtenaw county. The Wayne co group started having monthly meetings in January and our average attendance is ~80 peeps. Washtenaw and Oakland counties have just begun having their own meetings in the last month or so. These meetings consist of powerpoint presentations on federal, state and local issues with a call for activism at the conclusion of each. Sometimes the organizer tells everyone to get out their phones and call a certain politician, say our state's house speaker, and pressure him over Obamacare exchanges which we were able to stop but is resurrecting itself in a different way which we'll have to deal with.

Last month, the Washtenaw C4L hosted Dr. John Lott @ The University of Michigan where he did a powerpoint on the gun issue titled, "More guns, less crime" where we had a standing room only crowd of about 200 people. This last Sunday, a group of about 12 of us went out (in the rain) canvassing neighborhoods in Livonia, MI (11th Congressional District - Bentivolio) because they have some school millage scam coming up for vote this coming Tuesday where they hope to raise $195 million but the long term pay out is $370 mill with all the excess going to the bankers. School spending has risen over $10 mill since 2000 yet the enrollment is down over 3000 students so this is all a special interest inside job by teachers, administrators and local union contractors. We got the 11th CD's district chairman to go out with us and he was able to see who the doers were (all C4L peeps). He's got extensive establishment ties as many of them were against Bentivolio when he ran for Congress. But, the lady I tend to carpool with (we live about a half hour away from Livonia) is a well known district comm member in my district (12) and she stated to this chairman that they better not spend one nickel of republican money trying to primary Amash for Senate or otherwise we'll jump ship and tear whichever establishment candidate they run a new you know what. Back at the Livonia Victory Center,she also got him on record stating that he favors getting rid of the taxpayer financed primary system in favor of state convention caucuses for picking candidates.

Another dude that lives down the street from me is a state committee member in my district and was recently elected at our recent state convention in February. He's currently passing around a resolution he made to all the districts in the state to get support (from district chairs and comm members) for repealing the primary system which then will go before the state central committee where the C4L and conservative grassroots have approximately 50% or so so it could pass if the right amount of pressure is put on.

Pics of our activism is usually posted at the new MIC4L website. We also have people who testify at the state house on a weekly or biweekly basis. Granted, our state C4L is very active and many state's are not and that is unfortunate. If your state's C4L isn't active or you have trouble contacting the state leader, then you should contact national and ask them to get a handle on things and either get rid of the person in charge of your state or make them get more active.