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Chilling look at morals of drone killing. One panelist: 'Imagine another option, maybe bring to justice?' (updated)

Right now on C-Span (updated below), a panel at College of the Holy Cross (Iron Cross?) from March 13, 2013.

Chilling to observe that we have become the tyrants of totalitarianism past! Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, all rolled into one but far more sophisticated and deeper thinkers!

After all, consider the thoughts being expressed:

...that we could actually consider other 'options' in the face of this amazing technology which we have at our disposal (oh those fantastic drones, we are so giddy over them!).

After all, consider, since we are not really rushed in the killings we carry out so effectively, why could we not have alternative options, such as bringing them to justice?!?

Wow... that is powerful. Sort of revelation of liberty in reverse. Will it fly today, or will lunch break come first, or the next question maybe?

New link to recording: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/HolyCr
Ethics of Drone Warfare
Mar 13, 2013
College of the Holy Cross

The whole discussion is worth the listen if you can stomach such tyranny at this gut philosophical level... at the core frontal lobe level... real anal!

It must fill such existentialists with pure bliss, like a fire to a pyromaniac.

One needs to take a bath, but in what?

Oh... I know!
Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

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