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No Wonder Judge Nap Was Fired By Fox Video

The first third or so of this is about a marathon bombing witness getting interviewed by CNN at the marathon, and then again (?) in Watertown.

But the part that's interesting is Judge Napolitano's summary of FBI-foiled (generated) events and his conclusions. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did there.


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the judge was the only sane

the judge was the only sane voice on mainstream media........the bastards

just to be clear, reading the post below, surprised you got a downvote........when he had his show as a platform to talk about our freedoms

He wasn't fired by Fox. He is

He wasn't fired by Fox. He is still employed there. His show got cancelled but he still regularly appears on the Fox.

Excellent and brave reporting, but....

Are you proof-positive that Judge Napolitano was recently fired from Fox? I pose this question because....after I watched your video, I searched online for detailed info regarding his job termination by Fox. But the ONLY info that lists him as getting fired was posted back in February, two months before the Boston incident. Your post led me to believe (or suspect) that Judge Nap was fired at some point after this video was released. So then, did Judge Nap get fired sometime during this month of April? Please clear this up.
Thank you, gsneil.

Robby Lane


was my shorthand for his show cancellation. The cancellation obviously happened after the video posted, since the video posted is him doing his show.

I had figured most readers at DP would know what I meant by "fired," this far into the game but it is a technical point taken...thank you.

I perceived the title

to imply that because of his overall approach, he was fired.




If true.

Go to 8:13 and freeze frame and see what you've got gsneil.

The video says it's the same actor from Sandy Hook used in Boston!

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

That is a different video

Here's the link to it... go to 8:14 & freeze frame



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Bump for the reality check

@ 9:11

Fox Doesn't Matter

to very many people anymore and most of their viewers have either quit watching them or are too old to care. Hahaha.



dos that have to do with CNN actors? Nothing.

That's why...

I qualified that the first third or so of the video was a separate point from the one I wanted to share...the video editor must have thought the two pieces said something from his view.

Main point was the powerful and courageous way that the Judge put it out there...which has to do with our freedom. So sad he lost that forum, but hey -- he did good while he had the mic.

My Oldest

Uncle was fuming when they got rid of his show. He called them and emailed them multiple times.