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Why Ron Paul is slamming Boston's response to the bombings


I'm glad to see Ron Paul is still in the MSM articles! We really must've made a lot of ground. The comments are good too on that article.

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Yahoo News has lately been reporting honest news more and more

perhaps in an attempt to become or stay relevant?

Real News! Yahoo! and Gulliver too!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I made a comment and got a sheeple response...

My first post there was:

"People actually cheered for this! LOL WOW - Millions of dollars spent putting 10,000 troops & police on the ground, with tanks and automatic weapons, with Martial Law used to shut down 100 square miles around Boston for a day, costing an estimated 1 billion dollars to the city's economy, not to mention the money lost to many individual's wages, all to catch a 19 year old with a possible pressure cooker bomb? Here's the kicker...after the Martial Law is lifted, a "free to go" homeowner goes outside for a smoke and notices that his boat has been tampered with, see's the guy inside, and calls the cops! THE MAYOR DECLARES "WE GOT HIM" AND EVERYONE CHEERS? And now it comes out that the cops and FBI knew about these guys all along and did nothing to stop them? Newsflash...the troops and cops didn't catch him...a free-roaming citizen did...the Mayor and the cops who took credit for it, get awards, while the people of Boston got stuck with the bill and ALL OF US AMERICANS, lost a little bit more of their freedom that day in the process. They keep chipping away at our freedoms while we sit back and cheer them on! How pathetic and weak Americans have become! So very sad indeed!"

A guy named Ryan replied with:

"Clearly you don't live in the city of Boston. If we shut down "100 square miles", we would have covered New Hampshire, Rhode Island and maybe Maine. We are a densely populated city and if some kid is dropping bombs in the street while the police chance him we're going to shut down the city."

My response to him was:

"Ryan - they shut down the trains, planes and most other transportation from Boston to NY, effectively stopping commerce and travel all the way to NYC - that would qualify as a hundred square miles! The facts are that you people there, 1). pay far more taxes than just about anywhere else in the country...willingly, 2). have accepted being governed with far more laws, ordinances, regulations and tolls than anywhere else in the country, (you practically can't take a crap without someone regulating how long it can be) and 3). you are the most liberal place in America, therefore, eager and willing to let Big Government into your homes and lives, since they have convinced you that they will protect and take care of you from cradle to grave, even to a point were you'll let the military style authorities take over your homes and city, without even questioning it! Sadly, the truth is that the reason the authorities chose Boston to test their Martial Law drill was obviously because you are the most conditioned people in the country for them to get away with it...you are easy dupes...you earned Martial Law! I could only imagine how dumb-founded Paul Revere would be today if he had to make a modern day ride to warn the good citizens of Boston about approaching tyranny. These days, most Bostonians would just do what the British told them to do and ignore ol' Paul Revere. Instead, you'd all just stay inside, do what you are told, and cower, while your rights are taken away...how pathetic! And to think that Boston was once the symbolic birth place of a free people's defiance of tyrannical authoritarianism...what a ironic joke that is now! Unfortunately, what really sucks for the rest of us in this country, is that there are so many of you asleep up there, influencing how the rest of us are governed. I wish all of you in the Northeast lived in a different country so the rest of us didn't get so screwed!"

Ouch but alas!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Glad Dr. Paul seems to be slamming the state and city's

response as opposed to the people themselves. We were out and walking around but nothing was open, including the subways. Nothing open is a good reason to hang out at home. It wasn't fear of the "terrorists."

Release the Sandy Hook video.

i ponder quite often that

The number of people who believe in Dr. Paul is/was greater than it appears and that the msm is just putting on an elaborate show to give the perception that we are still the minority. That people who support liberty and the principles of Dr. Paul are either the only people who even continue reading articles once we/they see his name attached to any sort of article online about him or maybe I'm just trying to be too optimistic idk.

I still keep trying to wrap my head around why so many people are so apathetic and uninformed about politics in our country. Our numbers keep growing though that's for sure.

has a brief article about this up on http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

No surprise here...

I greatly appreciate Ron's comments since Boston a lot more than his son's. Ron is always on point. That's the reason I come here.