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Horribly Disturbing Photos of the Boston Bombing….. Please be advised some of these are very horrific

Horribly Disturbing….. But We Must Be Informed Of What Is Really Happening! Pleased be advised some of these photos are very horrific

And to think that people do this in the name of religion....

This is the kind of stuff OUR news media doesn’t show us. They don’t want us to get really mad at these people, after all, they have religious beliefs about the infidels and they may have been good students. Does anyone thinks these 2 morons did this alone?


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This is very interesting

the section from about 9:48 to 12:55. See the woman at 11:31 also.
Looks very familiar.


Way too hard to put all that in place in a matter of seconds

Look Hollywood special effects abilities can be pretty amazing. We all know that. But pulling this off with random citizens and tons cops going in every direction and cameras shooting from every direction. That's impossible to control. Let's say government decided to stage a bombing at the Marathon, why would they risk using actors when they could just do the real thing? If they have no qualms exploding people in foreign countries then its not a large leap for them to blow them up here or at least provocateur the incident.

It takes much less effort to cover up and control if the bombs are simply real and real innocent people are hurt. And, you don't have to hope your actors stay in character. Frightened, hurt, scared, freaked out people naturally will act that way. Do you know how many people needed to be in on this for it to be a crisis actor situation? Several hundred at least! How many if the bombs and victims were real? Only a handful and maybe up to 20 or so. If you were a black hearted CIA Black ops supervisor and your job was to pull off a false flag, would you go with crisis actors or would you just plant the bombs? Think about it

fat people are well grounded

I see these two huge fat girls one in black sweatshirt and one in brown sweatshirt. Both are inside the area of bombing standing up along the wooden fence near the road. They are standing next to each other. After the explosion they dont move. one girl turns her head slightly. They do not have a speck of blood on them , no nails or ball bearings. they appear to be less than 5 feet from the guy with no legs. How lucky. I am fat and my balance sucks. All I do know is that this is one great big distraction...

In the 'name of religion'?

I've seen someone dissect these same photos frame by frame. Are you unaware that there is no blood in some of them and then blood magically appears in later frames? I mean NO BLOOD at all!

In the name of religion?
What religion does the FBI belong to?
I thought they were pretty God-less.

If there were real victims, where are those photos?

I think it is far more

I think it is far more plausible that there was an actual bomb that went off and people killed. These covert op people arent stupid; after the Sandy Hook 'show' the covert ops guys realized that totally faking an incident is not going to work again and people are going to be suspicious of obvious "perps" such as crazy white males.

So this time around they decided to tone everything down a bit. They did a smaller actual event with real casualties and put up a less obvious suspect. A muslim that was not necessarily from the ME was perfect and random enough to lend credibility.

The public was also suspicious of an instant lone wolf arrest or suicide so they dragged out the manhunt for a couple of days and used it as a reason to implement marshall law which fit their agenda well.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Well I certainly thought so at first

But seeing the photos frame by frame, there's no blood anywhere in the first 4 frames. Not a drop of it. Then all of a sudden, in one frame, looks like someone poured a bucket of it. Have you seen that video of this on youtube?

It's a real eye-opener.

Have you seen the interview with the lady who volunteered to have her foot amputated? She's fully clothed but her legs are concealed under sheets, fully made-up, under no sedation, no IV -- yet she's just had an amputation surgery. She says she was blown through the glass but not a scratch on her. She acts like she's just won the lottery.

I've never seen anything so strange in my life.... since Sandy Hook, that is.

Oh no!!

Dear mods, this poster knows too much. You have to censor her or the truth will come out!!

Garan's picture

"Horribly Disturbing" is an over statement.

There are plenty of real life death scenes that are far worse than any of these photos.

I don't want to argue real or fake, but I would expect a lot more blood.

I've had small injuries that gushed more blood and created more gore than what I'm seeing in these photos.

If you want photos that are less disturbing, there are bombing photos that don't have much blood at all.


All that aside. Thanks for the photo post. I looked at them closely.

Hey malvini...

Put some pictures up of the 55 people killed in Iraq that same day. Also please put up pictures of the women and children killed daily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Libya and Syria by our own government.

""Horribly Disturbing….. But We Must Be Informed Of What Is Really Happening!""


To borrow your own words: "And to think that people do this in the name of the GOVERNMENT they worship...."

"This is the kind of stuff OUR news media doesn’t show us. They don’t want us to get really mad at these people, after all, they have STATIST beliefs about the infidels and they may have been good students."

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

What's the point of this?

There's no reason to focus on these pictures except to disturb people to the point where they get outraged and can't use logic.

There's no guarantee these pictures represent any absolute version of reality. The fact is, if the operation was planned well enough, amputees and actors could make up the majority of the victims, and could be made to appear completely authentic.

The further fact is, even if these victims are real, the plot could be, and probably was, perpetrated by elements within the government....So focusing on the horror movie details rather than motives and long-term effects is idiotic.

I totally agree

But it looks like a lot of folks on here are scared to question what the media tells them is "reality."

As if the media or gov't has never lied before or admitted to false flags? Anyone seen "Noble Lie: Oklahoma Bombings"

Why buy into the fear? It's what they WANT you to do.


Contending that "the plot ... probably was perpetrated by elements within the government", without a shred of evidence supporting this outrageous accusation, and all evidence supporting the opposite, is the only idiotic aspect of all this.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Watch "Noble Lie: Oklahoma Bombings" DVD

Then come back and we'll talk about what's "Idiotic" about suspecting the FBI's involvement in bombings.


So, you're a minarchist--i.e., you believe that government power lends itself to corruption/miscalculation and should therefore be limited as much as possible--but the idea that elements within the government benefit from crises, and therefore are incentivized to create crises,is foreign to you....?

Are you lying about your political leanings, or do you not know what the word "minarchist" implies?

For anyone interested

this photo (halfway down the page) of "shredded pants guy" seems to be particularly odd also.


Really look at it. Does it seem believable? If a bomb blew up that
contained nails and ball bearings as these purportedly did, how would one suffer such extensive damage to clothing but none to the body as this photo clearly shows?

To me it looks like something I would make for Halloween. Just an observation.

That's amazing

First he's walking around with just the shredded pants, no cuts, everything fine but his lower clothes... then miraculously a headshot of his face with a HUGE 3 inch gash on it! Thanks for finding this.

I hope these actors serve their time in purgatory for whatever paycheck they're getting for this. Unbelievable.

You can't be serious

Those pictures are not pictures of real bombing victims.

Anybody who let's these pictures lead them around by the nose is an imbecile.

The FBI hand picked each of these still shots from the thousands of others because these pics convey exactly the emotional message they want etched into your brain.

None of it is real, posters coming here to spread this FBI propaganda can only be doing so for one reason. They work for the FBI or the CIA or AIPAC...


Good riddance! There is hope for this site!

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Just an honest question

From the beginning I can't figure out why there are almost no pics of the 2nd bombing but an overwhelming amount of pics from the 1st (the one closest to the finish line).

It is because there were more photographers at the 1st one? Just curious not crying conspiracy.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Not sure how you can tell

But I would expect many more cameras at the finish line...

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Here is my takeaway...

I don't know what I believe but I'm also not sure it's all that important to just have a forensic discussion. So in all the pics I've seen, the only person that I've seen that has clear cut major wounds is Jeff Bauman. Perhaps that's because people aren't posting pics of other people and their major injuries because it doesn't fit the "staged" meme. So does anyone have any links to pics of other people with either mortal or significant visual injury? Lord, that sounds morbid.

And aren't all the pics we see from the one bomb and not the second explosion? I don't recall seeing pics from the second explosion. Was not much damage done at that one?

So my broader point from "what I've seen" is that you have Jeff Bauman who experienced horrible wounds but everyone around him appears to just be dazed and a bit scratched up. What can vaporize somebodies legs but just scratch the people right next to him?

This is just my observation and I am positive I don't have all the data. So please add whatever you can to the conversation.

That is all.

I think

You need to look through those pictures better if you don't see people seriously hurt other than Jeff Bauman. But here's just a couple, the girl in the blue shirt with the mangled legs died.


I really can't even believe that some people are still calling this fake, there's a million ways to debunk that ridiculous crap. YOU CAN"T "ACT" LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE LEGS ANYMORE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOOLS!

Garan's picture

..just one thing.

I don't have anything to say about real or fake bombing.

The only thing I would point out is some faulty logic.

Saying that you can't act like you don't have legs the rest of your life is not a statement that debunks people's theory of a staged bombing.

The question is if there was a physical pre-condition or not (the missing legs).

I think one way to debunk the 'actors' theory is to show photos of Jeff Bauman when he had legs.


Because that's been done a few times over. I've personally posted pictures before and after of at least 3 people who had limbs amputated, yet these ridiculous claims go on. Do I need to post them in every single thread like this where people are claiming they are acting? Doesn't matter what evidence is presented, there a some people here on the DP that won't believe it without going to Boston and unwrapping bandages themselves and inspecting the amputation wounds personally. Of course then they'll want close up HD video of their legs before the incident as well. And that still wouldn't be enough to convince some.


How about a new thread with

How about a new thread with this info. Maybe the mods can put it on the front page and put this RIDICULOUS theory to rest.


That was done over a week ago and didn't work.

Sorry Bengal,

Wasn't trying to make more work for you. I also wasn't pushing for either meme of staged or real. I know that if you don't cheerlead the mainstream story then that is often as good as saying you support the Alex Jones type theories but I would implore you to know that other levels so exist. I was just making observations based on what I had seen to this point and I'm on here a lot. There are probably only a handful of people on this site that get the chance to see every thread because they care to or have the time. I see a lot and hadn't seen what I mentioned.

You've provided it and I am reformulating my thoughts on the subject. But just like the case for liberty, if you think it is worthy information then you shouldn't mind making the case for it as many times as you need to. Just my opinion.

No need for sorry

I'm not at all talking about you. You have been just asking questions and there's nothing wrong with that. But there are some other people who don't take any information that contradicts their prejudged belief. People not just asking questions but making ridiculous claims and accept no evidence that refutes it. So sorry if you thought I was referring to you because I wasn't, I have no problems with people asking questions about anything. But some are asking questions and then refute every answer given no matter how credible or undeniably factual because it doesn't fit their theory, I'm referring to those fools.

Don't get upset because this is the problem.

We are just having a discussion because none of us were there. I'm taking emotion out of this. I see the picture of the girl you are referring to now and when I first saw it, I did not know that was the girl who was reported dead and I also couldn't tell from the angle the shot was taken that those were her legs because I was looking at all sorts of stuff in the pics. People were on top of people, etc.

As for the second woman you linked to, I had seen her pic from from the actual event which doesn't give much detail but not her post-op pics. That was one of the points of my post was to ask for links to those types of things because they aren't being reported in the "staged" meme posts.

So thank you for providing links. I still don't see why anyone has to be mad at anyone for discussing this topic. People aren't up in arms about hundreds of children being obliterated by drone bombings. Where is the post that lists all the acceptable topics that can be discussed without worry that people will associate you with Infowars.

Alex Jones is agitator as far as I'm concerned.

You have a point about acting

for the rest of your life about not having legs. But news story's have a shelf life that is typically brief. So my thinking is that a story only needs to play out during that shelf life. Once the next event occurs, the circus moves on and whether the players from the last event ever really existed doesn't even matter anymore.

BTW, I don't think that to be the case here but stranger things have happened.

So again, we're just talkin. Nobody gettin hurt from talkin.