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Horribly Disturbing Photos of the Boston Bombing….. Please be advised some of these are very horrific

Horribly Disturbing….. But We Must Be Informed Of What Is Really Happening! Pleased be advised some of these photos are very horrific

And to think that people do this in the name of religion....

This is the kind of stuff OUR news media doesn’t show us. They don’t want us to get really mad at these people, after all, they have religious beliefs about the infidels and they may have been good students. Does anyone thinks these 2 morons did this alone?


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I don't know if you took the time

to really look but in one of those photos you can see the guys FOOT (and toes still attached) laying 4 feet from him. Stop being asinine. Do you really think that a bunch of people would continue to keep silent about "acting"? I just don't know how dense you have to be to keep throwing up the "crisis actors" garbage. These were normal people killed and wounded in two explosions. That part is pretty fucking undisputed.

Hey Malvini...

Put some pictures up of the 55 people killed in Iraq that same day. Also please put up pictures of the women and children killed daily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria by our own government.


To borrow your words: "And to think that people do this in the name of the GOVERNMENT they worship...."

"This is the kind of stuff OUR news media doesn’t show us. They don’t want us to get really mad at these people, after all, they have STATIST beliefs about the infidels and they may have been good students."

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Not saying this is fake.

I'd be really pissed

if I was the guy - or heck even if I just knew of the guy - who had his legs blown off, if I were to realize that there was a website where all these people were accusing him of being a fake crisis actor using fake blood as a part of a "false flag." Just unbelievably insane crap.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Yep false flag...and some may have been hurt, killed even

The FBI ran this for crying out loud..Just another 1993 WTC blast...
Tell me, after this man allegedly had his legs blown off, WHY did they put him in a wheelchair instead of on a stretched and into an ambulance ? I'll tell ya, he wasn't in any danger of dying, he never bled..He was already a double amputee playing a role in the DHS drill FRAUD...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Actually if you have a limb

Actually if you have a limb blown off there is not a lot of bleeding, your muscles automatically spasm and tighten to reduce blood loss as a survivial mechanism.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Perhaps because

the wheelchairs were all over the place (they were running a marathon, you know?) and it was the fastest way to get him to an ambulance?
Obviously you've had your brain amputated yet you are still alive.

Ive seen some pretty large productions

in order for this to be one- the entire hospital has to be in on it, 30+ beds need to appear occupied, 3 deceased victims need to now be in some kind of witness protection program under new identities. Every last detail needs to have been addressed ( and why go through all the minute details of buying off the secrecy of an entire hospital staff, only to end up using fake blood? Even the mean girls in 'Carrie' sprung for actual pig blood) Besides- yeah the blood looks a bit bright and cheerful in some series of pictures- but lighting will do that. Ive seen some pics of the same blast that look considerably more real.
I dont claim to know who was responsible- the brothers, rogue elements of the govt/false flag- maybe even both. May never know for sure- but Im pretty certain bombs went off and people were hurt and killed. I have nothing against the people who think it was fake. I understand why you would- and God love you for questioning everything you see and hear.

I actually called Boston General Hospital

which is tright down the street and the admissions person told me they'd had "No Admissions" as a result of a bomb blast at the Boston Marathon...Guess that partially answers your question.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Such a fool

People that were hurt in the bombing were treated at 26 different hospitals. So yeah they got 26 fuckin different hospitals "in on it".

Add all those people with all the people on the scene either hurt or helping injured people, and you got thousands of people in on the "act". Not to mention the 3 people who must "disappear" now to play off being dead including an 8 year old boy, and the 14 people who had limbs amputated that have to somehow "act" like they don't have limbs they used to have for the rest of their life. Sure don't know how they are going to pull that off now do you?

Nice try

There's no such place as Boston General Hospital. Not to mention no respectable hospital is going to release that kind of information to some random caller.

Do you love the truth?

Well if you do, how can you love senseless bs like fake blood/ legless victim theories? Great amateur internet basement sleuth/ scooby doo fantasy fodder, but not really a search for truth. These are people who think aliens are sending them decoded messages in their bus pass.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

National Security

can get away with alot. Especially if it is sold to the "actors" in such a way that they are doing a patriotic duty.

Case in point:

Gov: We have intel that 2 people are going to set bombs of at Boston Marathon as such, we want them to proceed with their plan but we will switch out bombs with harmless bombs and make them think they really killed and injured people and in so doing we will be able to arrest them and their whole network.

PS, here is a million dollars of taxpayer money as long as you keep hush hush, so that we are able to trick the terrorists into thinking they really harmed us, which in turn will increase their chatter so we can pinpoint them around the world.

Thank you for your service!

Check out this video

wrong video

We have to stop these false

We have to stop these false flags. What is it going to take for people to come to terms with their governments being at least partially complicit in this stuff?! I beg God to intercede on our behalf. How else can we stop these monsters when the people refuse to listen to our warnings. There has to be some answer to this seemingly endless corruption and evil...

You're better than this, emalvini...

Whoever did this did not do it "in the name of religion." It was done in the name of "control". It was a test, pure and simple. Did people get hurt? Obviously. But if you don't think our government wouldn't hurt their own, you're plugged into the wrong media. These men are still suspects, so unless you want due process thrown out the window, maybe we should suspend our judgment and continue to ask the hard questions...

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That does look nasty, but......

I'm guessing that one drone strike would make this look like a walk in the park; and there have been hundreds of drone strikes.

a couple of things

The hoodie and sunglasses guy's appearance does make you wonder. Unibomber comes to mind. But take a look at the woman who is in two photos but in two different locations or next to two different people. Did she get up and move???

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Who are "these people"? Muslims in general?

99% of people in the world go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep, and repeat regardless of their religion. It's a fallacy to categorize people based on their religion or lack thereof.

The number one cause of unnatural death during the 20th century was murder at the hands of government. Many of those murders were done under the pretense of religious or other philosophical grounds.

Hell, over half a million children died in Iraq alone due to the U.S. sanctions in the 1990s. Is that OK because they were Muslims anyway?

Who the hell is the guy in

Who the hell is the guy in the hoodie and the sunglasses? And why is he just lying there. He doesn't look hurt at all!

I noticed

you replied to two of my posts, however I got a 403 on both. :(

Joe Cool


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Listening to Lew inverviewing Sibel Edmonds.

Look at the geo-politcal perspective.

Looks like this is not Islam, but CIA training.

Documentary proof claimed.

Free includes debt-free!

For fk's sake

Look at the second pic of the amputee jeff bauman..there is a fkn tube sticking out his ass.

I can tell you for a certainty, people don't have tubes sticking out their ass for no reason. Though the tube might have helped them(he and the hooded man) stage the area around him with blood.

Joη's picture

are you saying Jeff Bauman didn't lose his legs during this?


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Are you keeping silent

on the fkn tube sticking out his ass?

Joη's picture

I really don't care about that detail

And I'm a fan of details. It could be a tube (who knows what he had in his bag? Who cares?), or part of his bag, a button, a ripped piece of fabric, who knows. Whatever it is, I've no reason to think it's anything nefarious.

Are you implying any detail that doesn't make complete sense to you in this awful scene supports a notion that he's somehow "faking it"?

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

He has no bag!!

Its a fkn tube sticking out from UNDERNEATH his pants...I understand that ignorance is bliss..the ignorance in thinking that it is normal for a man to have a tube sticking out of his ass, a man that supposedly had his legs blown off, yet didn't bleed out (nore bleed on the man with sunglasses), moreover, he sat there "moaning and groaning" while people with less severe :injuries" were taken care of and trotted off in stretchers.

100 percent bullshit, and the tube sticking out of his ass is the nail in the coffin, or should I say, tube in the ass that makes it that much more so.

Joη's picture

ok, part of his pants

sorry, they were so torn up it looked like a bag.

Here's a greater detail version of the image [link fixed]. I see no tube. I see what resembles a zipper, button, or ring on cargo pants. It could just as likely be shredded thread.

Do you still think he's faking this?

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

That is not a good pic to make your point.

Yes, it shows no tube, but the red stuff on the ground is not blood. Y'all can talk about lighting, exposure, angle whatever till the cows come home, but that is not blood on the ground in this photo. I'm not saying there was not blood around the area, but this particular spot is not blood.
And yes, I know blood. I have a degree in Medical Technology. I see all types of blood every day. I specialize in hematology and blood banking. I am a floater and work in any department needed because i am good at my job. I also work in chemistry, urinalysis, microbiology, immunology, hormone testing and sometimes help out the pathologists. A few weeks ago I helped the pathologist wrap a few diabetic amputated legs to go in the freezer.

That is not blood on the ground in that picture.