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Horribly Disturbing Photos of the Boston Bombing….. Please be advised some of these are very horrific

Horribly Disturbing….. But We Must Be Informed Of What Is Really Happening! Pleased be advised some of these photos are very horrific

And to think that people do this in the name of religion....

This is the kind of stuff OUR news media doesn’t show us. They don’t want us to get really mad at these people, after all, they have religious beliefs about the infidels and they may have been good students. Does anyone thinks these 2 morons did this alone?


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I will probably do my own experiment

but do you think blood would stain white like this as on the american flag chair cover:


So a pathology lab technician

So a pathology lab technician who no one has seen fit to give a proper job. That's got me convinced.

If it is not the color (which DOES depend on lighting and exposure whether that fits your narrative or not) then what is it?

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so...are you saying Jeff Bauman is faking this too?


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Not seeing your pic

error ins link

you can make up theories in

you can make up theories in your head from looking at a photograph, but even if "they" planted blood, there might be blood because.... oh, i don't know, his leg has been fucking blown off?!? As to the tube, it could have been a camelback water tube connected to a back pack which was blown up during the explosion? If someone was literally "planting fake blood" that would've been captured in a video or photograph, especially after the bombing in the midst of all the chaos.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...


Use blood tubes in movies.

The tube is under his pants

The blood came out of his fkn tube..

Guy in sunglasses and black women were covering him up at the time the blood was being drained from his tube.

Its not a fucking tube

it could be a vein or ligament.
I feel sorry for you.

Down votes

yet not one explanation as to what that tube is sticking out of his lying ass.

In this image you can see the

In this image you can see the cowboy hat and hand held American flag guy jumping over the fence in mid air with the cowboy hat in his left hand, the flag in his right, and the marathon clock reads 4:10:19.


zoom in & take another look..

cowboy is just standing there - what looks like cowboys leg flying over the fence is the cops left arm, reaching to the left ,and balanced on left leg.

why never any photos before the blast?

leading up to the blast...

all photos and videos seem to be immediately after

Lets not debate....

Those pictures put me in tears. I don't want to fight with my religious brothers and sisters. I'm an agnostic; but religion did not cause this. This is what happens when people are mistreated. The boys that did this were mistreated somehow, I would bet my life on it.

I know "mistreated" is vague and I'm sure you all could punch a thousand holes in my argument.

But lets not fight, look what happens when people fight.


The "suspects" were living productive lives: one an extremely promising mixed martial arts athlete and the other had a scholarship for college... Who'd want to F that up?? Patsies, pure and simple.

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In the second pic of our famous amputee, WTF is that tube by his ass????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

They didn't do it alone....

US senators, US presidents, various international intelligence agencies and Saudi Arabia have been working together since the early 90's to destabilize and radicalize a strategic Russian territory, Chechnya, that just happens to border Georgia which is a point of active US-Russian contention. The two brothers relatives are connected with Big Energy, the CIA, Bill Clinton, John McCain and a host of other Western and Saudi connections.

The formula is the same as in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria and others: send in Al Qaeda and other islamic radicals to territories where women can be professionals and don't have to wear burkas, and where industrial, technological and commercial sectors are maturing and send the region back to the stone ages.

Both the Brzezinski ("liberal") and Project for the New American Century (neocon) camps overtly state their end game goal as a military confrontation with Russia.

Maybe you should set aside your intense craving for hatred and bigotry and embrace empirical critical thinking and realize this is about geopolitical power and control of natural resources. If you don't you very might well end up with the Soviet and Mao style atheist genocides where your children will live in absolute terror and slavery you seem to be drooling for.

You are a rabid elitist fundamentalist authoritarian atheist who is no better than the worst fundamentalist elitist authoritarian religionist. You make me sick. Go wallow in your prejudiced ignorance , mental vomit and hatred somewhere else...

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Who are you directing this

Who are you directing this toward? And why did you leave out Mossad?

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Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

*high five!*


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interesting, you know the motives?

i didn't realize the motives were known to anyone yet. i thought it was all speculation...

Was there a statement the bomber made about it? if so could you link it? i haven't really seen anything more about it i don't watch any tv...

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about anything.


And Nutters on this site want

And Nutters on this site want to say it was fake blood and these people were actors????

Anyone who says this was fake needs their FREAK'N HEAD EXAMED!!! You folks are LOSERS!!!

The Nutters are losers that share a different opinion...

from the majority at this site and come here to pose as one of us.

Ignore them, the rest of us do.