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Immigration Splits Senator Rubio From Mentor DeMint


WASHINGTON — Jim DeMint helped make Marco Rubio a Senate star — and he could be forgiven for regretting it.

Mr. DeMint, a former Republican senator from South Carolina, endorsed Mr. Rubio early on in his 2010 Senate bid, when he was still a long-shot Tea Party candidate, and Mr. Rubio has said that Mr. DeMint is his best friend, after his wife.

And yet, perhaps for the first time, the two men now find themselves at odds on a major issue. In 2007, Mr. DeMint was instrumental in helping to kill legislation to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, and now, six years later, Mr. Rubio, Republican of Florida, is a pivotal member of a bipartisan Senate group that has written a bill that would do just what Mr. DeMint was fighting to prevent.

As Mr. Rubio’s immigration push meets vocal and persistent opposition, it will be Mr. DeMint, newly ensconced as the president of the Heritage Foundation, among those leading the charge. The foundation plans to issue an updated version of its 2007 economic study that helped doom the overhaul.

And Mr. DeMint has taken to the Internet, national newspapers and conservative talk radio to push against the legislation of his former protégé.


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This is all about national id and e-verify.

How does the government make sure EVERYONE is in the DHS database.

You think e-verify was created to STOP illegals? Quite the opposite. It's part of the open border agenda. Overnight, once amnesty passes, the feds can flip the switch in the underlying national id database from "work authorized" = N to = Y.

There's a flip side to that. They can "accidentally" flip the flag on citizens who are political opponents from =Y to =N. Then what are you going to do.

How do you get in e-verify in the first place? Your state provides all of your license data to the feds, that's how.

This "immigration" issue is about one and only one thing: national id, of which e-verify is just one dimension. So, is "closing the g*n show loophole", by the way.

Do you think it's a coincidence that g n registration...er..
b ckground check bills are going through congress at the exact same time as immigration "reform"?

egapele's picture

Immigration is shaping up to be the issue

that will divide Republicans going into the primaries.

Florida (Jeb Bush/Rubio) vs. Texas (Rand Paul/Cruz).