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jason collins first active player to come out and say "i'm gay"

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You might as well list the ingredients

of a mountain dew bottle here. To me it is the same as you listing scripture. None of it means anything to me and I consume neither.

Good for this young man

no one should have to hide who they are from anyone. Great day for liberty.


He is publicly admitting that he is a sodomite...he prefers to penetrate, or be penetrated with/by the male reproductive organ....

Let's see....this is the new healthy, and the new normal; especially to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD...and they will applaud it, call it courageous....but...if they say "eewww", consider/call it unnatural, and against God or nature, they risk being hauled before a human rights tribunal for ????

How "libertarian"!!! What Progress!!! Let's burn baby burn, like Nero!!!

If he was a public school age child, it would ILLEGAL to counsel him that "God made them male and female for purposes of procreation"...if he liked to dress up like a girl, they'd make EVERY student use female pronouns to refer to HIM, and, let HIM use the girls locker room...

Looks like I'm taking the bait, since we're not Canada....yet!

This is what lawyers and judges and tyrants politicians and dictators do best; SHUT PEOPLE UP!!!


Oh how dark ages of you. Until I see proof of such god I will not follow the book written by a nomadic sheep herder.

so....you're running our Declaration of Independence through

...a shredder...

Have at it....I'll take you on...Creation/Evolution debate AGAIN.....that's where it ALWAYS leads...

If there is NO God, how do you tell right from wrong?

How do you tell right from wrong?

inherently, there is no such thing as right or wrong, but as a society we make laws that benefit and protect.

there were moral codes long before the bible. religion is not needed to create societal constructs.

oh, I get it....

...because the "majority" held to the invisible guy-in-the-sky crap at the time of Constantine on, they constructed society and laws that conformed to some REAL bonafide stupidity....

Because God doesn't strike people dead immediately when they "sin" against Him, and them archaic "thou shalt not's" in the Bible, man has the RIGHT to construct a government that punishes, shames, silences, and KILLS the invisible-guy-in-the-sky viewpoint; ,if...the democratic majority wants them to shut the eff up about it already?

Now it seems the democratic majority has elected an anti-Christ professing Christian, who behaves like a dictator, in that he governs by executive order...tell me...WHO is constructing THIS society? The invisible-guy-in-the-sky crowd who doesn't know their Bible, or, the progressives and enlightened ones who advised Obama and this tyrannical congress to SAY their Christians in order to DUPE the masses who are likewise constructing communities with social norms derived from religious dogma that they preach but don't practice?

BOTH those camps are lawless! And in rebellion against the Creator.

Throw a F$@$&!@ parade, the

Throw a F$@$&!@ parade, the media already has.

Southern Agrarian

Why does it bother you? Does

Why does it bother you? Does his announcement hurt you in any way?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

"We have breaking news now

"We have breaking news now coming in from the AP wire, a male basketball player who no one knew before yesterday, is purportedly GAY. The Whitehouse will comment at noon on this unraveling NEWS ALERT that affects the entire nation. It is rumored that this GAY man, who we have never seen in history till now, will HEROICALLY be on Good Morning America and Dave Letterman to tell of his BRAVE story.

(I see you are already in knee-jerk mode)

Southern Agrarian

He's the first athlete in one

He's the first athlete in one of the four major US sports to publicly announce. It IS a story.

I don't get the hostility towards this, especially here in a supposed enlightened community. Unless I missed it, he's not asking for any special favors, and that's the only valid reason I can think of to react so negatively to someone announcing their sexual preference.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

You've parroted the MSM

You've parroted the MSM headline perfectly. Thank you.

Southern Agrarian

You must be God, since you

You must be God, since you are able to know with such surety that my thoughts on this are not original but influenced by the MSM.

Are you SURE you know this? If not, you might think about questioning some of your other assumptions.

"Beginner's mind", my friend. Google it.


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein



2nd Paragraph

Collins, a 12-year player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), became the first active athlete from any of the four major U.S. men's professional sports leagues to come out publicly as gay.

Your comments:

"He's the first athlete in one of the four major US sports to publicly announce. It IS a story."

Seem pretty similar to me.

Southern Agrarian

will we be paying for separate facilities for faggots now?

I am a sexy beast of a man : if I walked into the girls locker room and got naked I would be immediately arrested as a "sex offender"

how is it that faggots are allowed to get away with exactly the same thing?


The ACLU will now require

The ACLU will now require bathrooms in all public spaces based on sexual preference as opposed to the antiquated gender norms of phenotype, which were always just socially enforced anyways by the bourgeois. The ACLU estimates these public spaces will need 6-8 different bathrooms as to not offend persons of all sexual orientations. The creation of these bathrooms will create jobs and spur the economy.

Southern Agrarian

Good question

It's the same with the military. Will there be barracks for men, for women and for degenerates? Or will they force men and women to cohabit with deviants? Your point is valid but since they are deviants they also want to deviate from logical thinking as well. This country is doomed no matter what the economy does as long as we continue on the road to moral decay.

Gender is just a social

Gender is just a social structure, or so the left tells us.
We are actually all androgynous and should be forced to share lavatories.

Southern Agrarian


hasn't been a deviant sexual practice since 1972 when the APA repealed that from the DSM.

just before Roe v. Wade...

...and 40 years later we've got the Kermit Gosnell MURDER TRIAL with all it's blood and damage and destruction of human life and the FAMILY.....oh tolerance, acceptance for going against God's laws...so GOOD for.a free society....let's manufacture Liberty, we don't want God-given rights; those have...eeewww..."conditions"...yucky!!!


So you would rather have the "faggot" in the locker room with the sexy beast of a man?

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

you're gonna give Nystrom a heartattack,

With that language!!!

I've learned to restrain myself from that, but....it mind as well be considered that we've ALL said it now...."Ron Paul minions are homophobes": here it comes...

Ya know, Obama was only elected half a year ago, to his 2nd UNRESTRAINED term....has anyone noticed the accelerated pace at which we are being PROVOKED???

They want a NATIONAL DATABASE for guns, healthcare, and now education through the "core curriculum" federal take over....Obama addressed Planned Parenthood Friday and invoked a blessing from "god"(his god, NOT the God of the Bible or our founders), and DHS is going ape buying ammo and armored vehicles..

anyone? Are we ready...or...are we just gonna talk and talk and talk and talk and say "Go Rand Go" for 3 years???

best in thread

best comment

I for one will redouble my efforts for liberty peace sound money and freedom-of-association

... and resisting urge to click on pointless threads

sorry Michael :)



I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Or Self-indulgent?

Courage involved but seems to also be getting him a lot of publicity as well as a a Nike contract... seems more self-indugent than altruistic to me.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo