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Ron Paul goes Global: "Don't Steal, the Govt hates Competition" in Russian!

The Ron Paul Movement Is Global

Posted by Lew Rockwell on April 29, 2013 09:10 PM

This great Russian poster says, "Don't Steal: the Government Hates Competition."--Ron Paul

(Thanks to Tom Woods and uri Maltsev)

Via fellow Russian libertarian activists at:

Some articles on Ron Paul at their site:

Awkward Google Translation, but the core of the article is self-evident. Check it out.



A new degree of freedom

Eugene Ignatieff
March 13, 2013

"Don't steal, the government hates competition!"

About Libertarianism talk and write a lot, and miscellaneous. Sometimes it turns out that it's almost anarchism and the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Russia Valery Zorkin in 2008 compared with the libertarian right propaganda absolute debauchery, "the same one he had once praised the infamous Marquis de Sade in his speech to the French Convention."

In Russia about libertarianism is something very few people know, yet in America during this election Libertarian Party was the clear leader among the "third" of players after the traditional Democrats and Republicans.

Today libertarinstvo as a political force, however, is not associated with the official candidate of the party Harry Johnson, and with the other person to nominate a Republican, who is known as an "icon", a charismatic leader and the most popular politician in the 21st century. It is also called gadfly, kritikanam, potvorschikom addicts, Dr. "No" and so on.

RonPolDebat Today, when I say "libertarianism", I mean Ron Paul, a Texas congressman, and several times the candidate for President of the United States. This year he turned 77 years old, and he just announced his retirement, but despite this, it seems that his career has just begun. People read his books, his speeches are going to thousandths of an audience (among those who came to listen to his other rivals for the Republican nomination, and often not recruited hundreds of) his ideas after twenty years of stay in oblivion suddenly find a response "to the masses." At the party congress of the Republican delegation "his" electoral threatened to be so large that some adherents of traditions in the party elite have even taken measures to deny some ronpolovtsev mandate. Not to mention the fact that the very election of delegates, which usually do not pay no attention, was the place of constant political battles, and reports on them in the form of certificates of participants and recorded on iPhones video distributed on the internet at the hottest news. But what attracts people (mostly middle class) that is talking about a former doctor from Texas?

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BUMP. :)

BUMP. :)

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