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It appears as if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may well be INNOCENT

This report from the local Boston media has largely been forgotten - but it has always been a pretty good indication that the 2nd bomb (the one Dzhokhar supposedly left inside his backpack ON THE SIDEWALK) was located in the ROAD side of the metal gates, not the store side. Keep in mind this was submitted the day of the race just by some lady taking pictures from her window.


NOW consider this: Investigators actually removed the ENTIRE TREE that is visible at the site of the second bombing, under the pretense that "Dzhokhar MAY HAVE LEANED AGAINST IT." The OBVIOUS reason they forever altered the crime scene by literally uprooting the tree was because IT would show, pretty conclusively, that the bomb was on the outside of the metal rails.

Here is the quote from the article below: “Among the pieces of evidence collected from Boylston Street during the past week was a tree that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may have leaned against before the bombing, according to a source who receives regular intelligence briefings on the Boston bombings. The source said the tree -- located at the site of the second blast -- was removed along with the surrounding grate, where the explosive device's circuit board was found.”


Add in Uncle "throwmynephewsunderthebusasfastandhardaspossible" Ruslan and his relationship wiht the CIA (not only is his ex father in law Graham E. Fuller, but he worked for USAID in the 1990's, which is a well known CIA front), and this thing is 100% a false flag event.

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If the photo is a lie

Don't you think it's implied the rest of story would also be suspect?

Not saying I believe any of this.

The Bombers

...are not yet "known." The Tsarnaev brothers are still suspects and have not been proven to be the "bombers," except in the hasty and illegitimate courts of "offical" and "public" opinion. The evidence has not presented in a legitimate setting where it may be tried and rendered so.

yeah- i cant explain that

your link is to the same pic I saw. Unless Green is waaaay down the rabbit hole, there wouldnt be any reason for him to PS his pic before they were suspects. Sure looks shopped though. Id lose money betting on that one lol

i know very little about the case

Ive seen video of the kid walking with a backpack- and that photo of him walking away after the blast w/out it- which seems to imply that he took it off, left it and it exploded. At least one picture of him without the backpack- the one that I saw- looks photoshopped. I dont think he's innocent- i just think there was originally something on his back in the picture i saw.

the interpretations are tainted I think

From the photo you can't tell if he has the backpack or not. It was hanging off the right shoulder. The right shoulder is much lower than the left so he could very well still have it. Or he might not, there isn't any way to tell. It seemed like a small pack as they go. I haven't looked at whether it was Photoshop out or not, but if you assume it wasn't you still can't tell for sure.

Also people think he is calmly walking away and I don't think that is necessarily true either. His left elbow is way back behind him which suggests he is moving quickly. Notice Mr. MIT, he looks calm as well. If it were a video we could say but I think it is really inconclusive.

The chase scene later in the week is what makes him look guilty.

and who is that guy in the suit?

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well, lots of things are possible if you ignore context

unfortunately, there's context which makes photoshopping like that very unlikely. Just pointing it out.

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Sorry Jon

If you put that photo into photoshop it is as plain as day that it has been worked on. Anyone with two eyes in there head with zero knowledge of photoshop can see the alterations. Also, the photo that Green has in his iphone is different. You can see an obvious discrepancy in the picture of Green holding his iphone up with the photo displayed that has been floating around the web. There is something that is white on his back that is not in the high resolution photos.

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so, those w/nonzero knowledge of photoshop might think otherwise


Separately, you're claiming this photo of David Green holding his phone with the photo on it is evidence it's different because there's a white fleck on the screen near the suspect, just like the white fleck on the bottom left of the device's face (and not the displayed image). It's on the surface. It wasn't photoshopped out. It was never in the image. It was a fleck.

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Nice try

Even without the white "fleck" the photo has clear manipulations on his arm, his jacket and the wall directly behind him and my knowledge of photoshop is extensive.

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well you've convinced me

with all the images and well-thought out graphical analysis you provided with absolutely zero hand-waving. Case closed.

It was David Green with his mac in his room for the long con, uploading embarrassingly obvious fake images to facebook before anyone knew who to look for, then posing with said embarrassingly obvious fakes for various hi-res media photographs. Balls of Jupiter on him.

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Sure Jonny Boy

because it is beyond the pale that he turned the photos in and then they were photoshopped. Your brilliance and smarm is quite the thing to behold.

THAT is an unfortunate place for a speck

im betting his legal team will seize upon that speck to draw some reasonable doubt. This one could go either way.

Let's get ONE thing straight!

His legal defense team ISN't interested in having him plead Innocent.....all they care about is reducing the Death penalty to Life in prison! The so-called "Defense" team could care less about "defending" this poor teen whom I believe is innocent and SHOULD be tried as INNOCENT. This alone is egregious! Ole OJ Simpson was tried as Innocent, and there was more evidence in spades, moreso, than this college student, let alone the fact he had motive! What motive would this Dartmouth Mechanical Engineer student have? NONE, ZIP, NADA.

Plus, other things, including the tree, if they have before and after photos of the Marathon, THAT ALONE is totally suspicious, and to think that the City of New York has conspired (Mayor Bloomberg) with the FBI in TAMPERING with the evidence? No Media is covering this part, and that is egregious.

There are so many more reasons to think he's TOTALLY INNOCENT:

1. The Fact the FBI lied about the Special Ops Craft guys being there---why would they lie about that?
2. The Fact the FBI lied about them having a drill that day, with bomb-sniffing dogs in full force as witnessed
3. The Fact we saw one Special Ops Craft guy WITH what looked like the SAME backpack that was left & blown up, the SAME backpack that had the white square on the topside which was viewed on the backpack that blew up! The Fact this "evidence" is TOTALLY ignored by Big Media is disgusting!
4. The Fact the Police had Tamerlan alive and being put inside a squad car, then, next we see him knived and shot dead? A neighbor called in to say she had witnessed a squad car running him down, not his brother, as the FBI claimed. The Fact that SOMEBODY wanted him dead, what, so he wouldn't "talk"? Who, but the FBI, would be culpable here?
5. The Fact that SOMEBODY wanted Dzhokhar dead with all the bullets fired into the boat---like Gerald Celente said, "What happened to talking someone out of the boat?!". They had hundreds of Swat teams/police surrounding him. The Fact Dzhokhar climbed out of the boat CONSCIOUS & UNinjured on the left side of his face & UNARMED is really incriminating evidence of the FBI or whomever attacked him afterwards, as the next thing we see he was UNconscious, down on the ground handcuffed, and blood all over his LEFT side of his face, and in "serious" condition, and NO questions by the Media?

It is my opinion a GOOD COPstopped this heinous attack in process! That is the only way Dzhokhar has lived. Of course, the cop can't talk about the incident, but there were many, many witnesses (cops).

So, the only ones who seem to have MOTIVE in covering this crime, & the crime scene up, and in killing Tamerlan and attempting to kill Dzhokhar, is the FBI/CIA within our very own government.

But, WHERE is Dzhokhar's defense team? Oh, yes, they are busy trying to reduce his sentence---guilty before proven innocent, but in his case, they have played along with the Prosecution & Big Media & Mayor Bloomberg & certain angry politicians like LIndsey Graham, etc. Oh, yes, they are busy bees.

I would wager to guess that WE, here at the DP, would be BETTER ATTORNEYS for Dzhokhar than what he's getting!

This whole thing is disgusting! Yes, we have GOOD REASON to believe he is INNOCENT of this crime. He may have known his brother was involved with the CIA, to what extent we don't know, but hey, I'm sure the FBI/CIA people come at you luring you in with BIG bags of money & saying what a "stellar" citizen you'd be in "helping" THEM do this or that. Right----

Well said

You have an excellent way of putting things.

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well it's not on his presumably newer iPad


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poor guy has the same look on his face

that Major Marcel had in the picture of him holding up the tattered pieces of the downed weather balloon in Roswell.

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would you rather he be smiling over the event which claimed 3?


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no - just saying- i feel for the guy

id hate to be wrapped up in all that. Wrong place at the wrong time. He'll no doubt have anxiety over all this for years to come.

put the high res photo

into photoshop and open your eyes Jon. No one can argue or petulantly explain away the anomalies in the photo. It is 100% manipulated with photo editing software.

i could be wrong- often am

ill see if i can find it and ill point out why i think its shopped.