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Iceland Just Says "Nei" To Pro-European Party (zerohedge)

from Zerohedge.com:
Iceland Just Says "Nei" To Pro-European Party

...given the apparent abhorrence with all things European, the Icelandic people have just ousted the incumbent pro-Europe party in favor of the Independence and Progressive parties that governed during the crisis. As the WSJ reports, the Social Democratic Alliance, which had overseen economic recovery and pushed for European Union membership, saw support tumble as the electorate's concern about personal finances overshadowed the ruling coalition's ability to stabilize the economy...

...The leader of the Progressive party perhaps summed up the poeple's views best: "deeper integration with a Europe in "historic decline" isn't necessarily the best for Iceland," and that "economic crisis in Iceland and Europe has taught us the importance of being able to control your own destiny..."

read more: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-29/iceland-just-says-n...

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The only sane nation left on earth.

Andorra has it going on...