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Nervous about so many 403: Access Denied

What does the word "moderate" mean, anyway? Dumb down? Silence the unpopular?

This site allows bashing of Republicans, bashing of Democrats, bashing of Rand Paul, even bashing of Ron Paul.

What are these many 403: Access Denied posts about that they are being banished? What target is above being bashed on the Daily Paul? One of them I noted was titled rather innocuously as "I've lost faith in Alex Jones". Does Alex Jones own the DP, did he personally "403" that post?

Why is the downvote mechanism not sufficient to let the DP community democratically moderate the boards?

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I like the Slashdot model

All posts are always visible [1], and people can moderate the posts by voting them up or down. Users can change the threshold they want to view at (e.g., here it appears at -8 a post will collapse), and will only see posts over that threshold, but they can view all posts easily at any time.

Removing posts just seems to be poor form, unless they were legally threatening.

[1] -- The only time I know of that Slashdot actually was forced to delete data was when someone posted something from the Scientology books, and they threatened to sue.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Yeah, the Scientologists are quite the little club.

Anonymous woke me up to them, before Anonymous got famous.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

It's not hard. The owner of

It's not hard.

The owner of the site has the right to choose what is or is not posted on his site.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

Don't mention how much money

Don't mention how much money he makes off of us. That doesn't matter. It is his site right?

That's correct, it is HIS

That's correct, it is HIS site so HE has the right to police content. The concept is known as property rights.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

Have you ever heard of a

Have you ever heard of a boycott? If we boycotted his honey pot of money, he might change his thought policing ways.


Do yourself and me a favor by canceling your account now. Seriously. Dumbest thing I've seen here in a while...and that's really saying something!

Look, I am just saying that a

Look, I am just saying that a business better be careful not to piss off its customers or they will feel the wrath of a boycott.

It shows that yeah, this is private property, and a business, but the customers still have a weapon.

I have been here way longer than you, so just mind your own business please. I am not trying to impress you, or be smart in your eyes. I could care less what you think. Got it?

I've been here about as long

I've been here about as long as you have, even though it's just not reflected in my current screen name, so drop the superiority based on seniority ploy.

When you post on an open thread, expect discussion or disagreement. If you prefer no feedback, don't post.

I'm just saying that your

I'm just saying that your comment was uncalled for and undeserved. I'm not some idiot, and I made a fair point. You attacked me with pure vitriol, and as a contributing member of this website for over 5 years, I didn't expect that kind of hubris and ad hominem from another member of over three years.

I made a fair point, and you didn't like it so you spewed forth venom that missed the target completely.

And, I could still care less if you still don't understand me. My point is valid, and you look like the fool here.

And for the people that think

And for the people that think "well we have a right to know why it was banned"...no you don't.

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