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Operation Provocation: 6 months into Obama's 2nd term...

I could spend ALL DAY, and tomorrow, and the rest of the week fighting the pro-gay, evolution-swallowing, anonymous, anti-Bible libertarians on the Jason Collins thread; but, since this idea REALLY hit me, and I blurted it out quite well perhaps...let's discuss how QUICKLY Obama is tightening the noose around our necks in such a SHORT amount of time!

This Jason Collins VIRAL media blast is just that; another provocation to stir up the hate-crimes debate, agenda...and...push the MURDER TRIAL, jury sentence of the abortion mill scumbag Kermit Gosnell off the news wires by drawing out homophobia for sake of eating up TIME and newsprint!

We were onto the "two steps forward, one step back" battle plan since the Cuban Missle Crisis; and, in reflection, there must be dozens of these we could cite from our last two "Christian" Presidents Clinton and "W"! But it seems Obama is going 12 steps forward, and armtwisting Congress before he'll MAYBE take one step back.

The most alarming came to me last night as I heard about the Nazi-Federalization plan for public education, called "Common Core"! The most ALARMING thing about this Bill Gates-supported government endeavor is that I heard the term "National Database" again being applied to yet a 3rd major domestic policy agenda!!!

So, let's all weigh in on what has ALARMED you in the past six months, that has made you understand...we didn't just make some mistake by re-electing this God-hating dictator(we all knew he was going to win); we've been thrust headlong into the worst fascism has to offer by those who figured out they can "vote themselves largesse from the public treasury"!!! GERALD CELENTE 101, eh?

This thread was born of this post I casually dropped in the Jason Collins thread, because I guarantee you we're being baited for a response through another masterful collusion of the state-run media that has Obama's agenda as it's bread and butter!

"Obama was only elected half a year ago, to his 2nd UNRESTRAINED term....has anyone noticed the accelerated pace at which we are being PROVOKED??? They want a NATIONAL DATABASE for guns, healthcare, and now education through the "common core" federal take over....Obama addressed Planned Parenthood Friday(1st President EVER to address that group) and he attempted to invoke a blessing from "god"(his god, NOT the God of the Bible or our founders), and DHS is going ape buying ammo and armored vehicles..."

Let's admit it, they're trying EVERYTHING they can in order to get us to "lose it", are they not?

So, what else has he and his administration done that concerns YOU?

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I went to the ESPN message boards

and suprisingly, every one is conservative. That makes no sense since ESPN is run by liberals. I went there and every one was making fun of Jason Collins. Only a few people out of a thousand stood by his side.

I stopped reading at

Clinton and W being Christians.

Very funny if not terribly sad that people believe this as fact.
Actions matter.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

fixed it...

...Obama is a "Christian" too!

Are you from the future?

I'm pretty sure "6 months into Obama's second term" doesn't happen until late July.

Facts are hard.

November to May where I come from...

....clowns like you slay me..MOST people here would give me a pass on it...

It doesn't matter what part of the country you come from, the

term for the President and Vice-President does not change.

It is set by the Constitution to begin (and the previous term end) at noon on January 20th.

His term did not begin in November. And it isn't even May yet, unless you're in the Far East. (that is, the Phillipines, or thereabouts)

Today, April 30th, is the 101st day of Obama's second term - slighlty more than THREE months - not six.

Bush AND Clinton engaged in just as much provocation in their own terms. Perhaps you either don't remember it, or you were too young to experience it.

So Obama was behind Collins

So Obama was behind Collins announcing that he's gay?

This is no conspiracy, it's merely one guy saying something that picks at a scab, a wedge issue between the religious right and libertarians.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


"So Obama was behind Collins announcing that he's gay?"

Behind him...lol.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


Not Obama is behind it..but "YES", his anti-God antagonistic agenda is definit the media's bread and butter....

Remember, once this communist dictatorship is VOTED into permanent political power, sodomy WILL NOT be tolerated; that's the big lie behind all it's publicity...to flush out the dissenters....why else would Republicans cave on such an issue?


Funny how the Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists aren't caving on the issue...only the Christianized Wester World....

Have a listen....

Your hateful worldview is so

Your hateful worldview is so absurd that I can't even summon the energy to argue about it with you. We're never going to see eye to eye on this, and unfortunately, your view being associated with the liberty movement is unquestionably a hindrance to future success.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

liberty...apart from God's laws...

Gives you ONLY man's law, and the selfish whims of his fallen sinful nature; you desire to be governed by THAT uncertainty, and you think we built a foundation on THAT shifting sand??

You can have your Godless liberty, you probably will; in the meantime, I'm ON THE RECORD as having reverence for the laws of Nature, and of Nature's God...the rest is utter foolishness....

Right there with ya!

"Operation Provocation" is an apt designation, indeed!

What would the Founders do?