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The Pro-Gun Billboard in Colorado

GREELEY, Colo. (TheBlaze/AP) -- Two billboards in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument are causing a stir with some residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive.

The billboards in this northern Colorado city show three men dressed in traditional Native American attire and the words "Turn in your arms. The government will take care of you."
Native American Gun Billboard in Greeley, Colorado, Upsets Residentds

This April 26, 2013, photo shows a billboard in Greeley, Colo. in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument. The two billboards are causing a stir with some residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive. Credit: AP


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I was emailed the billboard pic this morning

with this statement-- "People were offended by this? Why? Because it speaks the truth?"

There is a bigger picture of it here:

Offensive and insensitive to whom?

One of my favorite t shirts shows Geronimo and his bros armed for battle and underneath is says HOMELAND SECURITY.

Only thing is I can't tell who specifically is depicted in the pic. Is the dude in the middle wearing sunglasses? Not sure is this is a historic pic or 3 contemporary dudes with really nice regalia. But I like it. Nice pic. War bonnets are not commonly worn these days. Also the guy on the right, two feathers to his left side means he has injured but not outright killed two enemies. I think.

I like the stenciled writing at the bottom. That indicates someone close to us if not one of us.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Shadow and war paint?

not sunglasses


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I'm gonna have to drive up and check it out!!!


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

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I'm native American, too.

I was born here, my family has lived here in this same town for 9 generations and we are still here, by the way, NOT relocated to Canada and I do NOT support the billboard as it, as with most things in our government, DISTORTS the argument!

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What is there to argue about with regards to the finer points of


Just asking, not poking...


Why is a Native American would be offended by this?

The Federal Government fed your ancestors a line of shit and told them to stop resisting...told them they would be given land...told them they would respect their way of life - ALL LIES....

If I was Native American....I would say "hell yeah...I like this sign!"

It doesn't distort the

It doesn't distort the argument. It just makes only a single point of the argument. What do you want from a billboard?

Even so, it does one positive thing in addition to the anti-gun control message. It acknowledges by implication that the criminal Feds horribly treated native americans, which most 'conservatives' don't like to think about, but should.

It's a billboard, it's not meant to be a primer for the governments mistreatment of native americans.

And yes we know most didn't give up their arms willingly and many died bravely defending their liberty.


just look at what the welfare state has done to the Indians. Completely and utterly destroyed their society.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

For thought...

I'm Native American...And I support the billboard...Truth hurts...

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American Indian

Off topic, but then again, not really...

"All the problems we face in the United States today
can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy
on the part of the American Indian."

Pat Paulsen

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Also writing book We the Serfs!

OK, that is funny and sad.

Truth is often like that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

It appears as if there are

It appears as if there are some consequences when legistlators ignore their constituents... http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/red-pill...

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I like how the Newspeople

I like how the Newspeople went around and found the one Native American offended by this. Meanwhile there were at least 3 in the comments that were like "Uh, isnt it common knowledge that we trusted the gov and were betrayed and screwed over?"

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I'd like to see this ad

I'd like to see this ad campaign go nationwide to get the discussion going on this topic.

I especially liked this post in the comment section below the article:

That's right they did lose battles defending themselves and their land and were massacred by our govt just a little over a hundred years ago. The govt then had Gatling guns, artillery, smallpox blankets, repeating rifles, unlimited ammo, etc.... to the Indian's percussion and flint lock rifles and limited ammunition. Just like our govt has machines guns, M61 Vulcans, MK19 s, drones, artillery, body armor, tanks, cruise missiles, etc...and we have semi automatic rifles, pump shot guns, and 22s. It was AFTER they were forced to give up their weapons that they were put in concentration camps and shuffles off to reservations. Is that a future you want for your great grand children?

Now that brings the gun issue home

no need to speak of Hitler, Stalin, etc. Just show our own history and consequences of gun confiscation.

Hammer hitting nail squarely on head!


Especially since the "Hitler" argument has been used in nearly every online argument ever.

That, and it *might* get some of those poor 'white guilt' fools to start thinking about what they're truly advocating.

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Who's offended?

White liberals?

Are any American Indians in the area might be pleased to see some truth in advertising?


According to the link, it was

"Kerri Salazar, who is of Native American descent"

Of course, most 'natives' that I've seen in media are really white/latin/black folks who claim to be 1/16th Cherokee or whatever (think Elizabeth Warren), so take that how you will. Also, "Native American descent" is incredibly vague.

Any CO residents here drive by this yet?

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That could be me, too

I can claim about 1/32 Abenaki (Penobscott), so I guess I am also properly accredited to weigh in intelligently on this article (not a guarantee, mind you!). If you look at the comments section under the story, no surprise that most of the full-blooded Native Americans are like, "Yeah, it's true.", and are not at all offended. In fact they come across as rather emboldened at seeing a display of truth being spoken to power (the power of ignorance!).


"Cherokee Princesses" everywhere.

When I was studying Native AMerican customs farily seriously, every gathering I attended would be full of honey-haired white girls, all of whom were really "Cherokee Princesses." They were generally nice people, trying to find a harmonious way of living, but desperately trying to justify their presence at a "Native American" gathering. It became something of a joke among the actual Native Americans, one I was permitted to share as the "token white girl." Every time some new blue eyed blonde would show up, we'd whisper "Princess?" to each other, then try not to bust a gut when introduction time came...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

LOL, I married a Cherokee Princess

but she is the real deal, well she's 1/4 Cherokee anyway. Black hair and all, but that could be the Spanish heritage she has too.

One person's thoughts on the topic


I am FASCINATED that it is always Cherokee. It makes me wonder if the Cherokee word for "beloved daughter" sounds like "princess" or something like that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I get your point in one way - but then again - not in a another

I was born white - nothing I can do about that. I would never try to "justify" being at a Native American gathering - I have 0.0 blood in me. But that does not mean it is not in my heart to learn their ways. Some are born again Christians - why not born again Natives? I see nothing wrong with those of "us" who have woken up to try to understand and learn from others.
I do understand why some Native American's would find it "funny" and a joke, but I think the wise ones should see opportunity. Opportunity to spread a culture, and opportunity to educate those who are completely naïve to the real story.

I believe the story of the Native Americans and the US Government is the microcosm of the story of the world and the US Government today. History is the best lesson of the future. The more that learn the story - the better. The more that embrace Native values - the better.

I think you misunderstand

These people were welcomed, and loved, so was I. It just never dawned on me that they would not let me in if I admitted I was white.... I don't think it ever crossed their mind to exclude my white self. I think the "Cherokee Princesses" had been told that by mothers, aunts, granny's, whatever, and they all showed up so proud of that "link." No one was unkind to them about it, it just happened SO often... it was funny. They would have been welcome as "curious white chick" but their fear of not being accepted seemed to drive them ALL to this same story. Never a Navajo princess, never and Apache princess, always Cherokee. No one ever even told them "The Cherokee did not have royalty" but the Princesses who were serious about learning figured it out eventually. Most of them found Jesus again after the first sweat lodge... ;)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I did misunderstand you

my bad.


Yeah...that's one thing I don't 'get'

about white American folks and their desire to shoehorn themselves into other peoples' cultures. (I know I'm generalizing, but it's true to a large extent isn't it?)

When I was passing through Salt Lake City (stranded, actually), I'd always see all these natives gathering in the park downtown and drinking, smoking weed...the usual fun stuff ;), some were even living there. I figured them all for homeless bums, but then realized that land *is* (or was, depending on your POV) their home.


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I used to hear how the Indians "trashed what we gave them"

The Nex Perce reservation began as this HUGE area, encompassing most of their ancestral territory. Then someone found gold on part of it, so the boundaries were redrawn, the reservation shrank. Then someone found gold somewhere else, and the boundaries were redrawn, and the rez shrank. I don't recall how often that happened, but the tribe now holds this tiny slip of land along a river near Lewiston, ID. The town of Nez Perce is run down, "project" style houses all in disrepair. The whites think the Indians are ungrateful slobs... Look how they care for what "we gave them." I'm thinking if someone kicked me out of my RV and "gave" me a beachfront condo, I'd trash the condo for spite. I want what is MINE, not what a thief "gives" me.
I picked up a hitch hiker once, he was going to the rez. I asked him if he was "Nemipoo" - the actual name of the tribe. He looked at me like I was Jesus Christ or something, could not believe that word came out of my mouth. How sad, to me, that a white person showing genuine interest in their culture is so rare.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I only saw a few reservations when I was out in the southwest, but most of them looked near inhospitable. No wonder why nobody likes living on them. Either that, or they were reduced to tourist attractions. I never stayed too long in any of them, only hitching rides (was trying to get to Cali all the way from Syracuse, NY).

As far as a white person showing *genuine* interest versus a superficial "I have a dream catcher!" interest, yeah it's probably a rare thing, especially given the political climate out there.

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