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A hottie emerging as a Philly Mayor candidate

A dark horse emerges as a potential GOP mayoral candidate

Hold your horses! While all the talk’s been about which Democrat will be the next mayor of Philadelphia, there’s something brewing in the previously pulseless, but now rejuvenated local GOP - including the possible candidacy of a surprising dark horse.

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Kinda cute, but a glamour shot always does that

But so what? She's just another GoP fascist. We have plenty. She's not an Amash or a Paul. If there isn't a liberty candidate I'd prefer a democratic fascist to a GoP one. The GoP needs to die so a real anti-fascist choice can come.

There has to be a choice for a real lesser evil for me to be willing to participate in evil. I won't wade into evil, politics, which is just systematized violence, for an imperceptible gain.

Another progressive republican is not a lesser evil. It's the same evil in different clothes except her evil will be blamed on 'conservatism'.

Scerw that.

A "hottie"?

Yay! A new authoritarian savior!

Why do so many people love being ruled and worship their rulers?
I don't get it. Why would anybody think somebody who has power and control over them will make their life better? Rulers live off exploiting their subjects. That is always the way it works.

It'll sell



Foxy candidate marks the FOXification of politics

Hey, why not? A foxy candidate marks the FOXification of politics. Just as hotties on FOX News helped sell Lord Rupert Murdoch's gleeful progation of perpetual global war to the daft American viewers, it has now become necessary to oust the current class of ghoulish eyesores in politics to take this war to a new level!

Out with brutish gorgons like Nancy Pelosi and Rosa DeLauro, and put in their place shapely Brazzers alumni. Throw out stooping golems like McCain and Graham, and replace em with handsome tykes like Rubio and Cruz.

Its the only way to sell the more profitable next stage of global war to a bankrupt and exhausted, yet all the more stupid, class of American television viewers.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Good to know, I suppose. Charisma always helps in politics....


What would the Founders do?