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Woman Faces 6 Months in Jail For Filming Slaughterhouse ... From Across the Street!

"Meyer drove to the Dale Smith Meatpacking Company in Draper City, Utah to see the slaughterhouse for herself. And what she saw horrified her. Horns were scattered around the property. Cows struggled with workers. And she told Potter about one scene in particular that jarred her: “A live cow who appeared to be sick or injured being carried away from the building in a tractor, as though she were nothing more than rubble.” Meyer also told the Salt Lake City Tribune that “flesh” was “being spewed from a chute on the side of the building.” "


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First person to be charged with new "ag gag" law

I don't understand this case. The police were called by the meat packing company, but the officer did not find the woman trespassing; nor did he find anything amiss with the fencing (which was barbed wire). When the woman asked if she was under arrest, the police told her no, but that they were investigating a crime. The law says that it's unlawful to film operations "while committing criminal trespass." So what was she ultimately charged with?

Police report and legislation at issue at the Salt Lake Tribune:

~ The Humane Farming Association http://www.hfa.org/slaughterhouse.html
~ Certified Humane Raised and Handled http://www.certifiedhumane.org/

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