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PA Senate Bill 1261 Has Passed The PA Senate And On To The House

Collecting Rainwater Is Now Illegal in Many States.

Please contact your reps to oppose this, and link/share wherever you can.


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What do they specifically mean by...

..."Scope of projects permitted.--Every authority
incorporated under this chapter shall be a body corporate and
politic and shall be for the purposes of financing working

Does the bill make collecting rainwater ("storm water management") illegal altogether, or does it just make it taxable? I'm really confused by the verbiage.

Feel free to reuse any resources/ideas that I post on the DailyPaul on other networking sites.

It has to pass before you can see what's in it.

Illegal, taxable, it's the same difference.

The verbiage throws me off too, once I learn more I will share it. For now I would just like for everybody to call/write their reps and OPPOSE this garbage.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Yeah And If Nestle Get Their Way

There won't be any wells or affordable city water either. No using springs, no getting water out of the creeks, Nada, unless you pay Nestle for it.