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Not a libertarian? Let Me Give You 8 Reasons Why You Should Be.

Not a libertarian? Let me give you 8 reasons why you should be.

1. If you want to stop people from stealing from others – Hey! So do I

2. If you want your Human Individual Rights respected - Hey! So do I

3. If you think the Bill of Rights should apply to you – So do I

4. If you want to help people make the most of their life in a better way without without forcing others to join your cause – Hey! So do I.

5. If you say anything Strange or “controversial” – Don’t worry, I support your freedom to just be yourself.

6. If you want to “change the world” & voluntarily help your fellow man – Hey! So do I. You bet I support your freedom to be amazingly great & fantastically generous.

7. If you want to make & sell your “stuff” at crazy high prices – Fair enough, go for it.

8. If you want to hire whomever to help you make & sell your stuff – Fair enough, go for it.



*** Any and all ideas on how to make this sound sweeter and go down better? Yes I am Open to all your ideas....
Thanks! Treg

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Let me give you 8 reasons why you should be GOP

I hate using the would should.. so
Eight reasons why you should be a Republican:

1) Ron and Rand Paul are Republicans
2) Ron Paul rEVOLution is materializing in the GOP
3) rEVOLution has several PACs, and is preparing for 2014/16 elections, going to committee and convention meetings
4) Restoring the republic is a natural in the republican party
5) replace the neocons
6) stop the neocon agenda
7) write our own resolution, inniatives and rules (end loyalty oaths)
8) The GOP needs to change, be that change.

I don't think

he meant Libertarian Party, I think he meant libertarian philosophy. (Small l vs Big L) I remember some of his older posts and if I remember correctly he was advocating working within the Republican Party to make it more libertarian.
I also like your 8 reasons :-)