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Fema Actors

Click the following link: https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/default1.aspx?url=rightTree...?

On the tree on the left of the screen click on "Exercise Planning", "Operations-Based Excercises", "Design and Development", then "Actors".

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And all of these "actors"

just go away afterward? not ONE person comes forward and says "hey, it wasn't real. I was an actor."

FEMA, like any other organization that deal with crisis situations, knows that practice makes perfect. Although I don't approve of FEMA nor do I generally care for any arm of the federal government I simply refuse to believe, nor do I see any evidence, that Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon were anything other than horrific events that killed people.

Come on, grow up.

Smoking gun?

is this the smoking gun or just another piece of the 1 million piece puzzle?

edit: Just for eeriness, came across this video so I decided to upload it. http://youtu.be/yTsudX6ofPo