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CIA dropping off bags of cash to Afghanistan (but who's talking about it?)


CNN- CIA has been "Making it rain," in Afghanistan.

CIA has been literally dropping off bags of taxpayer cash in Afghanistan for 10 years, what is it getting us?

My friend saw this while watching the "news" and was telling me how surprised he was that no other news stations seem to be mentioning it. It was a surprise to him, but I know it's no surprise to the DP.

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I know someone

who is currently deployed over there. Many times soldiers either buy or take home some sort of souvenir. For some it's Hookahs or Hijabs, for others it's painful memories and constant nightmares.

I occasionally talk to this person on Skype and thought about jokingly asking him to bring me home a bag full of cash as a souvenir. (preferably hundreds)
Unfortunately, it would probably be met with a blank stare, so I've decided not to go there.

What a cesspool of corruption that place has become.