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Extreme Cautionary Tale: Roger Ver

What do you get when you are a Libertarian political candidate and you simply speak your beliefs in front of the wrong government officials?

Answer: 10 months in prison, 3 years probation, and a one-way ticket to Japan.

Roger Ver, known to many here as "Bitcoin Jesus" and the owner of several commercial enterprises like MemoryDealers.com & BitcoinStore.com, has a very interesting story, one that started out much like Ron Paul or Justin Amash.

He was fortunate enough to discover Austrian Economics in Junior high school, and by the age of 20 decided to run for office in California as a Libertarian.

Unfortunately, during his first big debate at the university of San Jose that year, he learned the hard way just how much of a bunch of "jack booted thugs" our government can be.

Unbeknownst to him, there were many ATF officers present in the audience that day in plain clothes. Perhaps not in coincidence, a question came up about the Waco massacre, and his libertarian standard argument that the ATF are "a bunch of jack booted thugs and murderers" for their part in that massacre was not, as you can imagine, well received.

Long story short; It did not take very long at all for them to investigate his businesses and find a tiny infraction to jail him for. They threw him in prison for 10 months, and he had to do community service along with his 3 year probation afterwards.

Understandably, the day he was finished with probation, he moved out of the country. He lives in Japan now, but has businesses in several countries.

For more detail on his story, read it all here.

Ever since then Roger has been extremely active promoting Bitcoin all over the world, starting several groups and commercial enterprises highlighting the coin, and even going so far as to give $1 worth of Bitcoin to everyone he meets on the spot that doesn't have any yet.

This has earned him the adoration of the bitcoin community and the moniker "Bitcoin Jesus," mostly in jest.

Why did he change his focus to bitcoin specifically? Because with it your can build a parallel economy and ignore the Fed right out of existence, while depriving the government of much of the the tax money they need to commit their daily massacres around the world.

So, what should liberty candidates learn from this cautionary tale?

Every time you open your mouth in public to speak up against something unjust or evil... Always remember, the most evil people may BE your audience themselves! Even if you're not thrown in jail for your words directly, don't ever forget how futile it can be to try to use the system against itself.

If it were possible, Ron Paul would have been our president instead of Bush, if not Clinton.


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