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While the industry played nuclear roulette, one Hanford worker struggled to 'do the right thing'

I want to thank MykeTheVet for bringing this story to my attention. He suggested I link it to another thread, but I feel like this deserves its own discussion.
Next, I want to say "Thank you" to Mike Geffre. Then I want to ask you to pay close attention to what he went through to protect the people in the Hanford area. When the wind blows the right way, that includes me. This attack on whistleblowers is out of control. We have to make sure the people who tell us the truth get our support. At the least, there needs to be independent investigation when an insider calls out corruption in ANY industry.
Last comment, I ask you to look at the cavalier way the "experts" handle nuclear waste. When people tell me how wonderful nuclear energy is, they seem to forget that the people running the plant are the same lazy, arrogant, self righteous half wits that you find at almost any workplace. Very few are there to do the right thing, they are just doing their job... well, drawing their paycheck at least. Nuclear toys are far too dangerous for short-sighted boys.