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Another Town On Lockdown As Police Search For Child's Killer

Rural Calif community on lockdown as killer sought

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) — A region of oak-studded hills in California, where big-city dwellers come to get away from crime, was on lockdown Monday, two days after a mysterious intruder stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death at home before being spotted by her 12-year-old brother.

With the suspect still on the loose, some of the kids in this enclave nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills were hunkering down after school at James Barci's ranch.

"Nobody is staying alone," said Barci, a truck driver and parent volunteer at Jenny Lind Elementary School, where victim Leila Fowler was a popular third-grader. "I told my work I'm not coming in, and I'm just going to have all of my kids' friends at the house until this is over."

The apparently random attack has the tightknit community on edge. Parents such as Barci spontaneously showed up Monday at the school of 500 students to give hugs or tie purple and pink ribbons — Leila's favorite colors — to trees on campus.

Later Monday, authorities identified the girl's parents while also saying a witness saw a person running from the family home that had a similar description of a man who fled from the home when the girl's brother confronted him.

In a hastily called news conference, Calaveras County sheriff's Capt. Jim Macedo identified the father of Leila Fowler as Barney Fowler and the mother as Krystal Walters.

The names of the parents hadn't previously been released.

As Macedo spoke, Fowler and Walters — both solemn and declining to speak, and with Walters near tears at times — stood in the background. Macedo said Leila's parents wanted to convey their requests that their privacy be respected, but also that a memorial fund had been set up for their daughter. A vigil is also planned for Tuesday night.

No suspects have been named, but officials said a second witness saw someone with a description similar to one provided by Leila's brother of a man who ran from the home when the boy confronted him.

Investigators have also checked registered sex offenders in the area and parolees.


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Model case

No lockdown, no government martial law. No unwarranted force or house searches. All volunteer at this point with text book cooperation from the Sheriffs office.
One town's person has volunteered to house the children at his ranch, none there as a result of force.

Is this not an example of good government and cooperation between citizens and law enforcement ?

Shelter in Place

is becoming the new term for martial law. With it comes a new connotation of being safe from some genuine evil that formerly was only a "crime".

They will be rolling it out in all the 'close knit' communities where people band together the most easily so that after dozens of these events, even disparate communities (read that as 2nd supporters and Constitutionalists) will accept it because it will then be so ubiquitous.

This is how martial law is being installed right now.

Yep, Inch by inch.

Now we have the asshole saying Ron is a "paranoid liar" for accurately describing the "test run" for martial law. So, now we know the script:Tthose who object to "shelter in place" are paranoid liars.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I Saw

Police pointing their guns at law abiding citizens in Boston during Martial Law. Let me make this clear. No one will ever point a gun in my face.. ever.

What is that thing under the edge of the tent?

Oh! A camel's nose! Well we can count on "lock down" being the new American answer to crime.
I'm from the government, I'm here to help. Give me your guns. Thank you. Now then, a child just got murdered. Sorry, no way we could prevent that. We tried taking everyone's guns, bummer how that worked out. Seems the murder victim's brother spotted the perp, but the brother was unarmed. Anyhoo.... We now have an armed and dangerous murderer on the loose in an unarmed populace, we need you to go inside and stick your head in the sand. I mean lock your doors. We have the entire force deputized to act as judge and jury pool, and of course, executioner. Just don't watch, you don't want to know. We'll tell you when it is safe to look.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Perfect dramatization Fishy

I was in a borrowed car today the radio was set to Glenn Beck...

Couldn't believe my ears when he ranted about how "Your government is lying to you" regarding Boston bombing and 9/11!

Beck brought up 9-11?

C'mon... you're pulling my leg, right? You know, I am emotionally prepared to meet an alien one day and admit I was wrong. I'm prepared to see Obama and Bush peel back their masks and reveal that they ARE lizard people, and I'll have to admit I was wrong.
If you are trying to tell me that Glenn Beck is questioning the official story on 9-11.... I may need emotional support for a while, my whole world just got turned upside down...
OK, seriously, I'd love a link if one is out there.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.